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Ens. Dakora - An Unfamiliar Familiarity.


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@Talos Dakora's narrative was outstanding in this sim.  Super detailed descriptions of thoughts and happenings, and a beautifully complex depiction of his character's dynamic with another character, all while everyone is bodyswapped to filth.  Great writing, Travis.  It's a pleasure to read your sims!


((Briefing Room, USS Excalibur - A))

Talos had managed to get his point across through all of the rapid-fire cross-talk going on in the briefing. He wasn't a scientist, despite what the memories the slug-thing in his borrowed abdomen were feeding into his head, so he'd leave the interpretation to the Excalibur's numerous science personnel.
He'd been somewhat put-off by Yogan's suggestion that they settle into their current bodies and work towards getting the crew acclimated to the new normal. It was probably the right move, but imagining living the rest of his life as a towering, spotty-faced, glorified schizophrenic wasn't the ideal outcome of his first mission aboard the Excal. His train of thought chugged along, as he recalled what that new guy that was wearing Adri's body had said. Maybe they could give all the newborn telepaths a crash course on telepathy and see what shook out, though he didn't feel great about subjecting Adriana's body to what his had gone through when he'd encountered the orb.
For whatever reason, he found himself concerned for both Adri's body and her consciousness, wherever it was, presumably wearing this Niac guy's body somewhere. They'd just had that one connection, or fling, or whatever it was... not exactly a rare thing in Talos' life. Yet, the encounter had left him feeling just a bit different than any of the other single-serving friends and lovers that he'd known in the past. 
He listened as Nicholotti, set the different teams in motion. Talos noted with a sort of impressed amusement that even though the words were coming from the mouth of the closest thing he had to a friend on the ship, they felt distinctly Nicholotti-esque. It seemed the Flag-Officer authority cared not for the shell it inhabited. 
Nicholotti (as Etan): Anyone left, let's get things organized and keep the boat afloat. Any questions?

Anybody At Briefing: Response.
Talos had nothing of substance to add, so he didn't. A part of him knew that part of being a good leader was knowing when to step back and let oneself be led, but the Talos part of him understood that he was an Ensign and not a leader of any kind, so that advice wasn't very applicable currently. Still, he stayed quiet as the briefing wrapped up and the various teams began to file out of the room. He rose from his chair and crossed over to the replicator and tapped in the commands for a dermal regenerator. Something he'd noticed earlier was bugging him and he planned to put his (well, more accurately Yogan's) medical expertise to use.
((Corridor - Deck 1))
Dermal regenerator in hand, he caught up with the person he was looking for.
Dakora (as Yalu): Commander, uh... Niac. ::He fell in stride beside him and tapped his nametag for emphasis:: I'm Ensign Dakora, Intelligence Officer and ::He pointed at Yogan in his body:: I'm usually that Betazoid guy over there.
It was by far the strangest introduction he'd made in his life, but it hardly even registered on the "weird-stuff-that-happened-today-scale." Talos made an effort to lock down his thoughts about Adriana, but undoubtedly some would slip through.
Niac (as A.Morgan): Response
Talos raised Yogan's eyebrows at the revelation. Somewhere on the Excalibur, Adri was dealing with the complications of suddenly becoming a joined Trill like he was. Some combination of thinking of Adri and the feeling of the device in his hand reminded him why he'd initiated the conversation.
Dakora (as Yalu): Hey, can I take a look at that? ::He tapped his own forehead, roughly where the the bandaged wound on Adri's was:: It looks like somebody slapped a butterfly bandage on you but forgot to finish the job.
Niac (as A.Morgan): Response
Carefully, he removed the dressing from the wound and surveyed the damage. The bleeding had stopped, but the wound was still open. With a tenderness that was probably a little inappropriate, given the stranger in Adri's body, he ran the regenerator over the injury with the skill granted to him by the memories of Yogan Yalu, M.D.
Dakora (as Yalu): And... you're good to go. ::He paused.:: I, uh... Adriana's a pretty special person and I'm sure she's taking care of you, so please, take care of her. ::Somehow, Starfleet Protocol slid into his mind and he made a quick addendum: Sir.
Niac (as A.Morgan): Response
With the (hopefully) initial awkwardness out of the way, he tried to drag the conversation back on-mission.
Dakora (as Yalu): Right. I appreciate that. ::Beat.:: Earlier, what you said about trying to communicate with the orb-thing. Maybe we can get the new telepaths together with the former telepaths and get a sort of crash course telepathy 101 going? 
Niac (as A.Morgan): Response
Ensign Talos Dakora
Intelligence Officer
USS Excalibur-A
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