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Lieutenant Elizabeth Snow - Heart To Heart


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Some might consider Stahma to be a misunderstood poor old soul, but not me. Living for the truths Rishma spits in this. Another excellent piece from the super talented @Elizabeth Snow


(( Snow House, Lake Cataria, Betazed - Stardate 239811.18, evening ))

While Lephi was busy with her dad and brother goofing off, Elizabeth decided it would be the perfect moment to steal some time with her mother. She grabbed her mother’s arm and began to pull her towards the lake. 

E.Snow: We should walk and talk.

Rishma could sense the anxiety coming from Elizabeth and nodded knowing her daughter needed her. They began their walk around the lake arm in arm. She missed days like these. They walked in silence for a few minutes before RIshma finally broke their silence.

R.Snow: What is going on, my little dove?

She smiled. Happy that her mom was the one who broke the silence as she was still figuring out how to tell her. She kind of just blurted it out. 

E.Snow: Lephi has been reassigned to the Gorkon for now. 

Rishma’s heart sank. She hated that for them, but she knew what they were going through. She and Geroge had spent so many years apart and it wasn’t the easiest thing to go through. At least they didn’t have any children involved.. Yet. 

R.Snow: I’m so sorry, my dove. Is there anything I can do? I know I can’t go to Starfleet and make them put you two together, but anything to ease things?

E.Snow: Well, I did talk to the Captain, he and his husband are each Captains of their own ships and he did give me some great advice, but I would like to hear how you and dad made it through.

Rishma smiled and nodded. 

R.Snow: It wasn’t easy. We both came from two different worlds and your father was still in the academy at the time. So our story started out long distance. We spent a lot of our time together via video transmissions, recording videos for the other and sending them to let them know we were thinking about the other, and doing our best to schedule days off together whenever we got the chance. It wasn’t easy, but it was our love for each other that kept us close even when we were apart.

She smiled at her daughter.

R.Snow: I know you love Lephi and I know what she loves you. Give it time, Honey. You all will be just fine. 

Elizabeth nodded and smiled considering her mother’s words. She was right though. They would survive and their separation may not be ideal, but they were Starfleet and there were plenty of ways out there that would make the distance seem small. Their love was just one.

E.Snow: How did you manage the worry? Weren't you afraid of something happening to him?

R.Snow: Of course I was, but you can’t dwell on things that are beyond your control, Dove. You’ll run yourself ragged and be of no use to anyone.

She nodded. Again she was right. Perhaps she would work on meditating each morning and night. It seemed to help and so had the advice given to her by Kurt after the kidnapping. Some things she needed to start doing and being more mindful of when life got her down.

E.Snow: ::smiling:: Thanks, Mom.

She hugged the woman and then let go. There was something else she needed to get off her chest. Something that always weighed heavily on mind and her heart. 

E.Snow: There is something else I’ve been meaning to talk to you about. I know that I’ve put a strain on your and Ma’s relationship and I’m sorry for that, but I was just wondering how you were holding up?

Risma looked at her daughter and stopped walking. She moved around to where she was now facing Elizabeth.  She put her hands on her daughter’s shoulder and then took her left hand and raise Elizabth’s chin so that their eyes met.

R.Snow: Elizabeth Merandar Snow, you listen to me. You did no such thing. Your grandmother and I have always had a rocky relationship because of the way she is. In no way is any of this your fault. Your grandmother has always had a flair for the dramatics and I’m sorry that she decided to pull something with you. But that’s on her. I know she hurt you when she did that and I know what you’re going through. I’m here for you if you need to talk about it. 

She nodded as she listened to her mother. She didn’t realize how much she needed to hear that. It felt as though a weight was lifted off her shoulders. Though it did hurt, but now she understood that it wasn’t her fault. That the situation between her grandmother and herself wasn’t because of her.

R.Snow: I honestly didn’t think she would have ever done this to you or Emerson. But just know that if you and Lephi do wind up working it out with your grandmother, that you need to keep her at arm's length. If you all decide not to pursue a relationship with her again, that we completely understand. I honestly don’t know why she does some of the things she does. But you definitely need to set boundaries with her no matter the outcome. Don’t let her make you feel guilty in any way.

Elizabeth thought about her mom’s words carefully. In everything, she was right. She was glad she had a mother that she could talk to and that her mother was always there knowing what to say or do to make everything better. If Elizabeth ever got the chance to experience motherhood, she hoped that she would be as great a mother as the dark haired woman standing before her. A guilt that she had felt for so long was finally gone. If her grandmother didn’t want a relationship with her, then that was fine. 

E.Snow: ::smiling: Thanks, mom. I really needed that.

Rishma embraced her daughter in a long, tight, hug. 

R.Snow: Always, my Dove. 

Elizabeth looked out at the lake as the pair resumed their walk. It was such a beautiful evening and she hoped that Lephi was having a great time. Now that she had talked with her mother, she felt so much relief. The pair continued talking as they walked. She couldn’t wait to begin showing Lephi all the wonderful things she loved about this world.

Lieutenant Elizabeth Snow
Chief Medical Officer
USS Chin'toka NCC-97187

Veterans Affairs Team
Wiki Team


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