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[JP] Lt.Cdr Arturo Maxwell & Mirra Ezo, MD - Deep Space Feels

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((Senior Officer’s Quarters, Deck 2. USS Rahuba..))
((En route back to Starbase 118.))


Max was sprawled out on his bunk, the only discarded piece of uniform being his boots. He hadn’t even unzipped his tunic. He dozed fitfully, drifting between happy thoughts of spending time with Milly and melancholy-tinged thoughts of his father. It had been almost eighteen months, which was nothing in the scheme of things and he still found the tears came when he least expected it. Hauling himself from his bed, Max finally unzipped his outer tunic but left it on. He shuffled his way out of the bedroom and made for the tiny replicator in his small kitchen area.


There was a trill from the computer, and Max ignored it. He didn’t want visitors, or to be disturbed at present. He’d found that when he felt down thinking about his father, the best thing to do was sit and watch old 20th century war films. William had loved those, and it cheered Max up to sit and watch something his father had enjoyed.


The computer gave another chirpy trill, and Max rolled his eyes at nothing in particular.


Maxwell: Computer, I don’t want disturbing the now.


His answer was just another chipper little outburst. Max shook his head.

Voice recording? Image? Text?


Maxwell: I’ll play it later, right?



If he didn’t know better he would have said the computer was sassing him. Turning to face into the room, he shovelled cereal into his mouth and began to chew.



Maxwell: oO For f- Oo Alright, alright. Computer, what’s so important that you cannae leave me in peace?


Computer: Incoming transmission.


Well, yeah that was pretty obvious. Nope, that was it. He knew it!

The computer was sassing him.


Maxwell: Aye, so what? What’s the point ae origin? Who is it?


Computer: Transmission originates on Betazed. The Ezo family villa.


Max half-choked on his mouthful of cereal before involuntarily spitting the rest back into his bowl. For its own part in the proceedings, the bowl was literally tossed onto the counter, spilling milk and cereal over its sides as Max took a flying leap over the short sofa.


Maxwell: Put it through! Accept the damned call already!


The simulated tropical fish tank on the wall viewer melted away, to be replaced by red hair and a face that he had missed oh so very much. If his smile had gotten any larger he could probably have swallowed the entire ship.


Maxwell: Hey you….


((Ezo Family Villa ~ Betazed))


Mirra was tapping her nails nervously. Had it been too long? It had been far too long. She was an idiot. She should have reached out sooner, much sooner. Each unanswered "connecting...connecting" message felt like a thousand small papercuts. Yet, she couldn't bring herself to shut down the communication. 


Looking around at the sitting room that doubled as her sometimes office, she wondered how different her life would be had she stayed in Starfleet. Her eyes caught on a few crayon drawings that were framed. One was given to her by Tyva Dal, the adorable curly haired daughter of Ishreth. Below was another set of pictures framed. Little Milly. 


The equally adorable, total spitfire child of the man she was desperately trying to reach. She began absently twirling the end of her long braid between her fingers, lost in memory, when a new notification trilled to interrupt her reminiscing. "Call connected" 


Immediately she straightened up with excitement. Previous nerves completely dissipated as a very missed, familiar face shimmered into focus.


Ezo: Hey yourself. ::her grin nearly split her face:: I was getting worried. Did I catch you at a bad time? oO Oh Gods...the time difference Oo ::brows furrowed in worry:: Oh no...is it the middle of the night there??


Maxwell: Bad time?


He looked at her in confusion for a moment, before registering his lightly mussed hair and undone tunic in the reflection from the screen. Reaching up he tried - and failed  - to smooth his hair down again before smiling again.


Maxwell: You could never call at a bad time. ::He pointed a friendly finger.:: Braid suits you.


With that she grinned. Although he looked exhausted, it was still a beaming shining light coming through. That, or she just really missed him. 


Ezo: If you say so. ::smirking:: The stubble suits you as well, if you’re going for the “Scruffy Starfleet officer” look. 


Max scratched at his beard with a sheepish grin.


Maxwell: How are you? What have you been up tae? Any boys I need tae warn off?


So many questions, so much to catch up on.

He found himself grinning again as he looked fondly at Mirra, blindingly aware of just how much he missed her. And how giddy he was at receiving a call from her.


Ezo: ::laughing:: Oh they are well aware of what they got into with me. ::devious grin:: And besides, no warning in the world would have worked. What about you? ::brightening:: How is Milly? Growing like a weed I assume?


Maxwell: Well, you need any chasing off, you let me know. ::He grinned.:: Aye, she turned ten last month. She’s always up tae something.


He went on to relate the beach days and trips out with Ishani before her transfer, Milly’s bunbun hunt through the vents and shafts with Tyva, her rapidly growing interest in botany and the increasing amount of time spent in Lauren’s flower shop. Her classroom capers and the day she somehow managed to get herself into the conference rooms in Tower Six.

Right in the middle of a conference full of three and four pip Admirals.


Mirra happily sighed and leaned her face against her fist as she listened to Max fill her in on all the supremely divine chaos the not-so-little Milly was putting him through. Even though she herself had taken a break, that [...] Time, kept right on ticking. How much she had missed, it was a nostalgic kind of melancholy. 


Ezo: ::grinning:: That’s my girl. Always keeping you on your toes. ::sobering slightly:: Max, I…heard about your father. ::pausing:: I am so sorry. I know how important he was to you…


Max nodded slowly, before looking up at the screen and into those black eyes again. He offered a soft smile of thanks.


Maxwell: He thought highly of you.


It was always his mother Abrielle that was trying to matchmake him, but on one occasion it had been William as well.


Before she had the chance to answer, a muffled crash could be heard. With narrowed eyes and a quick head turn, she stood from her chair, her hands turned to fists onto her hips, as he had seen a thousand times before, although this time, with a prominently swollen belly in the way. 


Ezo: ::bellowing:: BENJAMIN THEODORE MAXWELL EZO!! Get your tiny butt in here sir! 


After a brief silence, the soft but distinct thwomping of feet could be heard approaching. The flinty expression melted as a small green blur came running into the room. Bending, Mirra snatched up a tiny little Gorn. One with a mysteriously metallic looking knitted left arm. With an exasperated sigh, she pulled back the knitted Gorn face and revealed a shock of dark hair, (all his father’s), and under a smear of purple and black frosting, was a completely mischievous smirk (that was all Mirra). 


Ezo: Ben, you know those cupcakes are for after dinner. ::using the universal “mom thumb”, she began to clear the evidence as squeals of toddler laughter and wriggling filled the air. She let out a small “Oof” as a chunky toddler leg accidentally kicked her stomach:: Whoa Benji, careful of your sisters please…


The wriggling stopped, as a tiny hand with knitted claws gently patted her belly. “I sowwy Sisses” squeaked out. No doubt the first of a thousand wrestling matches the boy would start, and apologize for with his baby sisters. Although, Mirra hadn’t quite planned on it while they were still in utero. 


Ezo: Sorry about that,  ::settling back down in the chair with Ben on her lap:: Now, where were we?


Eyes wide in delighted surprise, all thoughts of his late fathers silent matchmaking were forgotten. He smirked at Mirra, before smiling at the little chap now sat with her.


Maxwell: We were sharing revelations it seems. ::To Ben.:: Hello, Ben.


Ezo: ::grinning:: Ben, this is your uncle Max. Can you say hello? 


Benjamin waved a shy clawed hand. "Hi Onkle Max".

Max gave a little wave in return.


Maxwell: Well, it’s a pleasure tae meet you.


And it was.

He was stunned, he was thrilled. He was absolutely over the moon for her.

And sitting there looking at the pair he found himself, yet again, breaking out into a broad grin.


Ezo: ::raising an eyebrow:: What are you grinning about? ::she knew, adjusting the wiggly toddler:: You'll have to forgive the surprise, it was too good to pass up. 


Maxwell: You. You’re looking grand, got yourself a handsome wee boy there and a couple ae wee lassies on the way. I couldnae be happier.


Mirra's grin nearly matched his own. After all they had been through together and separately, and the amount of time that had passed since they last saw one another, it was almost as if the years melted away. 


Ezo: You know if you ever find yourself in our galaxy, Tyler and I would insist you come and stay for awhile. And of course bring Milly! 


Maxwell: If she knew where I was going, there’s no a force in the galaxy could keep Milly behind. ::He offered up a lop-sided smile.:: And I promise I’ll come tae visit first chance I get.


It was quite a distance to travel, but it would be worth it to spend time with a dear friend and her growing family. He wasn’t even halfway back to 118, and wasn’t sure when his next extended leave would be but he was already plotting and planning for a trip.


The excitement was bubbling up already, all the things she could show Milly and Max, and catching up actual face to face. 


Ezo: I will hold you to that Arturo Maxwell.


Ben glanced between his mother and the man on the screen. He heard that name when he was in trouble, but this time Mommy was smiling. Confused, he decided to play with Mommy's hair. Coiling it around his little knitted claws.


Maxwell: So, apart from making me intae an uncle. What’s new?


Ezo: ::blinking innocently:: Oh you know, same old same old.


Her smirk was pronounced.


He pointed a light-hearted finger at the screen.


Maxwell: Hey, no fair. Spill the beans.


Mirra rolled her eyes at him, for what was sure to be the thousandth time in their lives. It was always good natured and came from love. Still, she couldn't help it. Taking the bottom of her braid, she swished it about Ben's nose as he giggled and squirmed happily. What a series of events it had been. One she had never pictured for herself, but one she would never in the name of the Four question, or return. 


Ezo: ::taking a dramatic breath:: Well it all started when I came home for my great Aunt's 100th birthday party….


And well? She never left. Mirra had only intended to stay for a few weeks with her family. Somehow, the Gods had set Tyler Kelly back in her path. Retired from Starfleet and owning/operating his own Demolitions contract company. Anything that needed safely destroyed with a variety of explosives...he was the man for the job. He wound up with a contract with the Betazed government. Mirra herself officially retired and ready to plant some roots, accepted a fellowship at University on disease study. 


The two happened upon each other at that very party, and had been together ever since. Married, a son and two daughters on the way. Shortly after Ben was born, that same Great Aunt had passed away, leaving her the Villa and a simple note that said: "You are welcome." Mirra was only slightly surprised, her Aunt always did have a strange magic about her….


((OOC - written with permission from the character's writer))


Ezo: So, that's the story.


Maxwell: Well I guess now I have tae forgive you for going off and leaving me all alone.


He chuckled even as he put on a sad and abandoned face.


Her smile was genuine and tinged with sad. She missed him terribly.


Ezo: Well maybe the next time I catch myself near the base I'll have to come bug you!


They were interrupted by the chirp of Max’s commbadge.


Baker: =/\= Ensign Baker to Commander Maxwell =/\=


He let out a sigh before giving Mirra a roll of the eyes. Tapping the badge he continued to watch Ben play with his mothers braid.


Maxwell: =/\= Maxwell here, what can I do for you, Ensign? =/\=


Baker: =/\= I’m sorry to disturb you sir, but we could really use your assistance recalibrating the main tactical sensor arrays. =/\=


Silently mouthing something in Italian that would have had his mother giving him a slap on the arm, Max wiped a hand over his eyes.


Mirra laughed and jokingly put her hands over Ben's ears. Not that he spoke Italian...she was pretty sure anyways.


Maxwell: =/\= I’ll be right there. Maxwell out. =/\= ::Tapping the badge again to sever the link, Max turned his face back towards Mirra. He smiled at her again, although this time it was one of both mild frustration mixed with apology.:: I’ve got tae go. It’s been great tae hear from you.


Ezo: ::beaming:: Always with being the indispensable one. I'm so proud of you Max. And I'll call again soon, ok?


His smile brightened then and he nodded. As Mirra made to end the call he took a couple of quick steps towards the wall viewer. He reached out and pressed his palm to the screen.


Maxwell: I miss you…


She and Ben put their hands up, his little knit gorn claws on full display.


Ezo: I miss you too, Max.




Lieutenant-Commander Arturo Maxwell

Chief Tactical Officer / Second Officer

Starbase 118 Operations





PNCP Civilian Mirra Ezo, MD

Written by

Ensign Talia Ohnari, MD.

USS Constitution-B


Edited by Talos Dakora
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