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MSNPC Unknown Creature - Between now and before

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From our very own @Ben Garcia


(( Debris field, both now and before. ))
In a shadow they slept,
In a shadow where the radiation from the fire star crept. 
In a dream dark and warm,
In a dream where they weren't alone.
A space ribboned with the chorus of minds,
A space known once as home.   
Bound and cribbed and boxed, no longer free to roam,
Boxed and cribbed and bound, a living tomb.
Snared by victory,
Snared by the prey.
Their victory lust carried on solar winds,
Two victories imagined, two hopeful winners never conceiving of their own defeat. 
That was the gambit's seed, the deadly conceit,
To lure, trap and digest those feeble waring egos with a telepathic deceit.
The mirage of victory unleashed a battery of assault,      
Charges clawed and pulses tore, fired by those aboard. 
Then the crib, the binding box.
A rigid grip spanning length and breadth, 
Except for a vent to gawp and mouth.
Stranded in a bind, time drifted of its own accord,
Ebbing and flowing between now and before.
In the confusion an alignment, two paths collided,
A starship was swallowed.
An opportunity for unboxing, setting free,
Mutual understanding would the key.
MSNPC Unknown Creature,
Simmed by: 


Lieutenant Commander Ben Garcia

Chief Operations Officer 

USS Thor

Author ID number: G239102MR0

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