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JP - Lieutenants Lephi & Elizabeth Snow - Love > Distance (Parts I & II)


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Writing a relationship between two characters from two different writers always has a tricky element, as much as it involves compromise, reaching agreements and an important understanding of what it means to write collaboratively. Maybe that's why I love to read relationships when they are well written, and here we have a wonderful example of that, playing with themes that translate to our present, such as long distance relationships.

Well done, very well done @Lephi and @Elizabeth Snow , I'm not crying at all with this whole arc. No, not at all.

((Psss Keep on writing!!!)


((Lephi's Quarters, ???, USS Gorkon)) 
The doors opened, and Lephi wasted little time striding through them. She was eager to see what the place she would be calling home for the duration of her stay looked like. As she entered, she was momentarily left speechless, and instinctively she turned to tell Elizabeth about it. Sadness pulled at her heart for a brief moment, so she decided to call her fiancée while she unpacked. 
The mess that she arrived during had prevented most communication beyond a quick "hey I made it alive" message, and she was eager to see Elizabeth's face again. She positioned herself at the desk in the roomy abode and dialed Elizabeth's contact. 
(( Liz’s Quarters, Deck 14, USS Chin’toka ))
After a long strenuous workout, Elizabeth made her way into the shower where she stood under the hot water for what felt like an eternity before she worked up the strength to actually move to wash her hair and herself. Her mind went over all the things she needed to do once she returned to Sickbay. She reached out for her washcloth realizing she forgot to grab one before entering. She went to call out to Lephi out of habit and sighed, she would be fine without it. She rinsed off and as she turned off the shower, the computer’s voice rang through her quiet quarters. 
Computer: Incoming transmission from Lephi.
Her heart soared as she heard Lephi’s name. She jumped out of the shower, grabbing a robe as she went. She threw it over her soaking wet skin and plopped down in front of the screen. Accepting the transmission with a great big smile on her face.
Snow: Hi, Imzadi!
Lephi’s face lit up radiantly when Elizabeth's face popped up on her monitor. It had been hectic when she arrived, being whisked away by another shuttle to the planet's surface before she'd even had so much as a chance to shower. She longed to hold Liz in her arms, to feel the warmth of the woman's skin on her own. 
Lephi: ::excitedly:: Hello, gorgeous! How are you doing?
Elizabeth bit her lower lip as she took in the sight of her beloved’s beautiful self. She wished she could pull her through the screen and hug her tightly. 
Snow: Better now that I’m looking at and talking to you. How about you? How’s the Gorkon?
Lephi exhaled deeply, pondering where to start. She didn't want to worry her with too many details about the mission, and how dangerous it had gotten, but she also didn't want to keep any secrets. 
Lephi: It's been hectic to say the least. This is actually the first time I'm seeing my quarters, or even sitting down on the ship anywhere that isn't the shuttlebay.
Elizabeth stood up as she listened to Lephi speak. Her wet hair was starting to bother her. She flipped her hair over, bending at the waist, and grabbed the towel she had brought with her. In a few quick moves, she had it wrapped around her hair tightly. She sat back down in the chair, looking back at the screen. 
Snow: That sounds awful. I take it you came in during a mission?
Lephi was quietly nibbling on her bottom lip, watching as Elizabeth worked her magic with the hair towel. That had always impressed the engineer, who had never needed a hair towel for any reason before. As far as Lephi was concerned, it was as breath-taking as watching a unicorn graze in a meadow. 
So lost was she in her thoughts, that she didn't hear the question at first and had to focus on the words to decipher their meaning for several long moments afterwards. 
Lephi: Oh yes. I'm not sure how much I can say over this unsecure line, but it was very eventful, and I survived! Nothing to worry about here. And look! 
She pushed herself out of the way of the camera to show off her spacious new abode. 
Lephi: See how roomy it is! Plenty of room for when you come to visit. 
Elizabeth smiled as she looked at as much of the room as the screen would allow. 
Snow: It looks amazing, Imzadi. Could use some decorating. ::teasing::
Lephi regarded the room at the same time. Elizabeth's words rang true, though that was mostly because she hadn't had a chance to unpack yet. 
Lephi: It'll look better once I get a chance to unbox my things. Actually ::brief pause:: would you mind terribly if I unpacked while we chatted? I need to see and hear from you, but this is my only downtime for a little bit as I still have an agenda to put together for tomorrow's engineering staff meeting. 
She breathed heavily, showing signs of exertion from the run on sentences she had just used, but she felt better for having expressed her needs. 
Snow: Of course not, Imzadi. Go ahead. ::smiles::
Lephi hadn't expected her beloved to acquiesce so easily, but she didn't have time to analyze it too deeply and she jumped at the opportunity. She made her way to the first box she found, which turned out to contain most of her trinkets and odds and ends. 
Lephi: Hey since you're here, maybe you could help me figure out where to put things! 
Elizabeth smiled. She would be honored to help her beloved set up her quarters. Though she wished she could be there in person to help, she would take what she could get. 
Snow: I would love to!
The pair spent the next little while with Lephi pulling things out of boxes and bags, and Elizabeth weighing in on their placement. Eventually it came time to organize her closet. She approached the terminal and transferred her Imzadi to a nearby PADD, and carried her into the bedroom where the ops crew had offloaded her boxes of clothes, and she began to hang them up. 
When she opened one of the boxes, the familiar scent of Elizabeth's perfume wafted upwards and Lephi’s stomach did a few flips. She hadn't realized just how much she longed for any real connection with her wife-to-be, despite it not being that long since she left her side. 
Lephi: ::slight laugh, covering a twinge of sadness:: This box smells like you, Imzadi. I almost don't want to unpack it. Keep it the way it is for as long as possible. It almost feels like you're here with me. 
Elizabeth smiled, her heart twinging slightly. How she wished she were there. She remembered the shirt she tucked inside of it with her handwritten letter. She was actually happy to be on call with her to see her face when she discovered them. She watched as her Engineer sat with the box before she spoke. 
Snow: Well you do need the clothes from inside the box, Silly.
Lephi now sat next to the box on her bed, staring at it in contemplation of what to do next. 
Lephi: Not true, I could always just replicate replacement clothes and then put this box next to my pillow at… 
She trailed off. 
Lephi: Okay, that makes it weird, you win. 
She began pulling items out of the box and separating them into piles on the bed; tops, bottoms, underoos, socks. Neat and orderly since Elizabeth was watching. Lephi stole a furtive glance at the PADD and her heart raced. As she pulled out another shirt, she noticed it was one of Elizabeth's. 
Lephi: Imzadi, you accidentally packed me one of your shirts. I'm not sure how, or when, I'll be able to get this back to you. ::laughs sheepishly:: Frankly I'm not sure I want to.
Elizabeth watched as Lephi began unpacking the box. Her heart skipped a beat as she waited in suspense. She watched the woman’s beautiful face as she discovered the shirt and held her breath as she waited for the letter to fall out. A laugh escaped her as Lephi spoke. 
Snow: It wasn’t by accident, Imzadi. I packed it for you on purpose. So you would have a piece of me with you. I know that one is your favorite. ::smiling::
Lephi's smile grew wide as she regarded the shirt sitting on her lap. She picked it up and held it to her face, feeling the familiar soft fabric and inhaling the scent of her beloved’s perfume. She had found the source of the smell. When the shirt shifted in her hands, an envelope fell into Lephi's lap and she looked at it puzzled. 
Lephi: Imzadi…? 

The question died on her lips, unasked. She picked up the envelope and examined its contents. 


Elizabeth watched as Lephi discovered the letter she had written. She didn’t bother speaking to address the unsaid question. She knew what she was going to ask. Instead, she remained silent as her beloved opened the envelope, followed by the letter, and began reading over it.


She recalled the day she wrote the letter. Lephi was working late. As she wrote, all the memories they shared together, both the good and the bad, flooded her mind as she poured her heart into it. Just in case one day, one of them was transferred. Something Lephi could look back to if she ever felt lonely or had moments of doubts of Elizabeth’s love for her. She wanted Lephi to know that no matter how far apart they were or how long time had passed before they were able to see each other in person, that her love would never falter. And, of course, to remind Lephi of just how much the Engineer meant to her. 



My dearest Lephi,


   You came into my life when I wasn't looking and  you brought a special kind of light into it that I had never experienced before. You won me over with your kindness, your beautiful smile, and your selflessness. I was afraid. I was afraid of the way I fell for you so quickly. For the way you made me care so deeply. That something so wonderful couldn't be real. That fear was quickly replaced as my feelings for you flourished. 


    Since then, they have only continued to do so. You're my calm during the storm. My strength when I have none. My best friend and the one I can always trust with my secrets and my life. I can't help, but to fall more in love with your beautiful soul and self everyday. I know the universe has thrown many obstacles in our paths, but every time we prevail. Our love is strong. It can weather any storm and it knows no boundaries. 


    Our life together is the greatest journey I've ever been on and I thank you for choosing me to do this life thing with. Having you next to me and seeing your beautiful face everyday are just a few of the things I miss the most. I miss you beyond words and I hope you're taking care of yourself because, as I hope you can see, you're the most important person to me. I know our current situation isn't ideal, but it isn't permanent. We'll be together again, but until that time. Be safe and take care of yourself, Imzadi. Remember that a piece of me is always with you and I love you more than words could ever say and even with the vast distance between us and the uncertainties that the future holds, I always will. Thanks for turning my world upside down for the better, Mon Chéri. You have my heart. Always and forever.


              With all my love,







Lephi fell completely silent as she started to read the letter. Tears welled in her eyes and she silently mouthed the words as she went. When she finished, she held the letter with both hands close to her chest. Her eyes closed and for a moment she was back in bed with her soulmate, and could almost feel her touch.


A chill ran down her spine and she shivered. When she opened her eyes again, she noticed Elizabeth watching her keenly and her cheeks reddened. 


Lephi: I'm ::long pause:: speechless. 


She sat in silence for a long moment. Her gaze flitted from the beautifully written words to the breathtaking beauty on the screen in front of her. When she spoke again, her voice quivered with emotion.


Lephi: I am so beyond lucky to have you in my life. You are my light in the darkness, my Northern Star, and my guiding light. 


She brushed away a tear. Elizabeth had a special way of making thousands of light-years seem miniscule through the strength of her love, and Lephi's heart warmed a little. They would make it through this. 


Lephi: You really know how to make a girl feel loved ::blushes::. How have you been holding up?


Snow: Now when in doubt and when those voices get the better of you. You have that to reflect back on. 


She really didn’t want to answer that question. She had been doing the best she could, but she was a bit of an emotional wreck when she was alone. Also not to mention the nightmares that had manifested from her worry. Thankfully, she was surrounded by amazing friends that were helping her through it. 


Snow: I’m hanging in there and in great hands, Imzadi. How about yourself?


The engineer paused to consider the question. Elizabeth had too much heart, and enough to worry about as it was, yet she couldn't bring herself to lie to her soulmate either. 


Lephi: I'd be doing better if I were there with you, but everyone here has been very nice to me so far. The Gorkon has a Quantum Slip Drive which has been fun to figure out. 


She sighed lightly as she spoke. Her words were positive as she tried to focus on the upside of this mess, but her tone betrayed a deeper hurt. 


Lephi: At least I think I should be able to get back there for Lael’s wedding. I already miss you so much. 


Snow: I know how you feel, Imzadi. 


Lephi began to tear up. It was sinking in for her that there was no going back now, and with no set date for a happily ever after, she was feeling it. She didn't want the call to end, but she didn't want Elizabeth to see her struggle either. She wiped a tear from her eye. 


Lephi: One day we'll be together again, but even now we aren't alone. ::fighting back tears:: I should uh.. I should finish unpacking. 


Elizabeth’s heart sank into her stomach. She wasn’t ready to say goodbye. She wanted to reach through the screen and embrace Lephi. To bring her back home. She sighed and tried to be on her best face. For Lephi. As she looked down into her lap, she realized she was still in her robe with a towel on her head. So she still had to finish her after shower routine. She looked back to the screen with an ache in her heart. 


Snow: Alright, Imzadi. I won’t keep you. Take care of yourself and I hope to talk to you again soon. I love you.


With one more half smile, Lephi blew a kiss at the monitor before shutting it off and slumping down in her seat quietly sobbing at all the love she felt emanating from her beloved. 



Lieutenant Elizabeth Snow

Chief Medical Officer

USS Chin'toka NCC-97187


Veterans Affairs Team

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Lieutenant Lephi

Chief Engineering Officer

USS Gorkon NCC-82293


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Thanks for the nod! This one took some time to write as it was very emotional for the both of us. It involved a lot of setting it down and walking away for a day or two at a time, but I'm so happy with how it turned out and I love that you love it 😊

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