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PNPCs Lieutenants Hexa & Peta - Repairs, Romulans, Costumes and Dragons

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((  Main Deflector Control, USS Constitution-B ))

So many repairs. An understandable occurrence when a starship returns to port with one of their warp nacelles missing. Or in this case half missing. The scars of the tri-cobalt device that broke the pylon and sent the nacelle spinning in space to be used as a flail was still being mended. 

Yet the damage extended beyond just the engines. Significant portions of the hull had been in need of repair, hull breaches had been the first to be fixed. There were power conduits around the ship that had to be replaced or repaired. And then there was the deflector dish. 

H: [ That did not work.   ]

P: [ We will have to try and realign the pathways again. ]

The pair of newly integrated Bynar engineers both stood near the main console for the Deflector control, while an entire wall panel was removed beside it and resting neatly against the wall. The interior mechanisms, conduits and circuitry was on view for the pair. While a small Intrepid-class drone flew slow lazy circles a meter above their heads. 

H: [ Agreed. It is surprising that the deflector did not burn out entirely. It was not meant to be a weapon.  ]

P: [ And yet it can be in dire circumstances. Which would suggest the desperate nature of the conflict that the crew endured.  ]

The high pitched, garbled chatter that emanated from the pair while they conversed in their own binary-esque language filled the room. Hexa and Peta moved away from the console in unison, always keeping their relative positions to one another and each took a tool from the engineering kits laying open on the floor in front of the panel. Hexa held a hyperspanner to realign the pathways in the circuitry in front of them, while Peta held one of the newer T-600 Tricorders in hand and ran a scan to monitor the process. 

H: [ Quite. Did we not hear mention in Main Engineering that the damaged nacelle had been used with a tractor beam. ]

P: [ As an improvised weapon? Yes. That is not a tactic that would have been expected.  ]

Hexa ran the device over a few centimeters of circuitry with Peta notifying him of the results as they went along.

H: [ Interesting crew, one wonders if this is typical of starship crews in comparison to those on a static installation?  ]

P: [ Perhaps that would be something to research. Adjust the alignment by .012. Circuit two-one-eight will need to be replaced.  ]

Hexa retraced his steps after making an adjustment on the tool itself and then ran the device back over the section he’d just done. 

H: [ It is also odd to be seeing so many Romulans on board of late.  ]

P: [ Agreed, though I believe that those may just be some of the crew.  ]

Hexa turned to face their companion briefly. 

H: [ Elaborate please, what reason would the crew have to wear non-Starfleet uniforms?  ]

P: [ I believe they may be engaging in a holodeck activity. When we were examining the computer files upon resting in our quarters earlier I noted repetitive mentions of a Holodeck adventure that much of the senior staff participated in.  ]

Hexa resumed aligning the circuits and with a satisfied nod from Peta the pair returned to the console where they both began a system check on the relays and circuits. 

H: [ Ah, so you are suggesting that those we saw in dramatically different attire and appearance were merely doing so for leisure purposes?  ]

P: [ Yes. Though, the references were vague. I do not know precisely what ‘beat boxing’ is, perhaps some form of musical martial or athletic sport. And I have never heard of a Dragon before.  ]

The two exchanged brief glances as the readings on the system check was showing a marked improvement in efficiency in the relays now. Though there were at least four pathways that would need to be replaced. 

H: [ Did Lieutenant Fry at our last posting not also reference something called costume play?  Also, I believe a Dragon is some sort of reptile. ]

P: [ I believe he did. Perhaps it is something like that or merely a holodeck outing or both. Though I did also read that the musically martial lizard attempted to actually kill the crew trapped on the holodeck. Strange to want to do something like that again. ]

The drone, a model of the USS Atlantis zipped back and forth in between the two Bynar then flew in a loop before resuming circles above their heads while the pair continued repairs on the newly replaced deflector dish. 


Lieutenants Hexadecimal (Zero One Zero Zero)  & Petabyte (Zero One Zero One)

Engineering Officers


As simmed by

Lieutenant JG Lystra

Tactical Officer

USS Constitution-B NCC-9012-B

SB118 Podcast Team 

Writer ID: A239410TR0


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