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MSNPC Zelph - No Lights


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What a lovely bit of simming by our @Maz Rodan.  It gave me satisfying and strong "Watership Down" vibes, and considering I read that far too many times as a kid, I had to put this up here!


((The "Midnight Planet - Mysterious Camp))
The lights flickered and danced across the branches and leaves of their jungle home. To casual observers it was just the biological workings of this mysterious environment, caused by the collected chemicals which react to the dense oxygen compounds found on the planet,
To the Zelph, though, it was everything. Communication, expression. It was life and death, and survival.
Honed by millennia of evolution on this planet, the Zelph used the lights to live and commune with their environment. They were at one with the jungle. Part of it and an extension of it in equal measure. For hundreds of thousands of years they'd lived in peace with the fungi and jungle which populated the small planet. Everything was well.
Until now.
Now, strangers had come from the sky. 
Noisy interlopers who now stood in their metal cages and walked among the lights. No Lights, the Zelph had started to call them.
For hours now they'd attempted to communicate. To ask what they wanted. Did they need anything? How long were they staying? But no answer.
How foolish these No Lights must be!
Camouflaged by their natural biology, the bipedal creature watched the encampment with interest. The No Lights used tools, and spoke to each other out loud! No Zelph ever made a noise. They were incapable; biologically mute. They only spoke through the lights. 
Funny little No Lights.
This one was bold. It had approached the camp silently, shielding itself in the darkness until it almost freely walked among them. Invisible. Silent as a grave.
It found a PADD. The shiny metal instrument had Light. Surely it was in charge of these creatures, and it inspected the device with great curiosity.
To the Zelph, the noises the creatures spoke were just odd fragments of noise. Discordant and wild. The noise frightened it, but it moved on through the strange camp as the others watched from the shadows. The flashes they shone were meant to warn the brave Zelph to be careful. Don't get too close!
Shielding the strange device with its own camouflage ability, it picked up a few extra curiosities he was sure the No Lights wouldn't miss. A scanning device, a shiny beetle from one of their clothes, a shiny wrapper it found in an open box. It'd seen one of the No Lights open it and eat from it earlier! 
As silently and swiftly as it had entered the camp, the Zelph left without a trace, back to the blinking flashing luminescent lights of their jungle refuge.
The Zelph
Alien Inhabitant


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