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Lieutenant JG Falt: One for the road...


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I enjoyed the "emotional beer talk" and the growth in Falt's character with regards to the Oralians.   @Tomas Falt




(( Clanhouse, Deck 10, USS Juneau ))


Deciding he could “let go” a bit more than normal he drained the glass in one go. As he started to make for the bar to get another he was intercepted by Ensign Sival


Sival: Congratulations on a performance well-deserved. Your performance has been exemplary.


Falt: Thank you. Although I have to say I’m slightly surprised.


Sival: You deserve it. Did you have a productive shore leave?


Falt: That would be one way to put it. ::pointing to the bar:: I’m going to grab another drink, care to join me? We can swap shore leave stories?


Sival: Certainly.


Tomas led the way to the bar and ordered another beer. Sival ordered an orange juice, and once he had received it Tomas raised his glass.


Falt: Cheers.


Tomas took a big swig and then set the beer down on the bar.


Falt: You asked about my shore leave? I went down to Bajor to camp in the jungle with my father, it’s something we enjoy doing together. This trip was slightly more eventful than usual, we decided to meet Commander T’Lea and were with her party when we found the Oralians ::short pause:: or more accurately they found us.


Tomas picked up his drink and took another swig. 


Falt: Did you know everyone thought they were a myth? They have been living in isolation for decades, and have created a really unique and fascinating way of life.


Sival: Interesting! My sister is an anthropologist, and were she human, she would be jealous. So, looking ahead, what does the future hold for them?


Tomas wasn’t sure if Sival was genuinely interested in what he was saying, or if it was just the beer making it seem that way. He decided he best have another to make sure. He drained his glass and ordered another.


Falt: Now they’ve been “discovered” they’ve made overtures to the Bajoran’s. If they want to, they will be able to return to modern society. I just hope they don’t lose their unique way of life now that their secret is out.


That comment gave Tomas pause. He’d had a niggling feeling in the back of his mind since they’d got back from Bajor, but he hadn’t been able to articulate it until now. The chances were everything was going to change for the Oralians.


oO Maybe it would have been better if we hadn’t found them Oo


His drink arrived and he used the momentary pause as an opportunity to change the subject.


Falt: Enough about that thought, how was your shore leave?


Sival: I spent the time exploring Deep Space Nine. It is a fascinating melting pot of cultures, and the view of the wormhole is amazing.


Tomas was slightly surprised to hear a half-Vulcan describe something as amazing, although he didn’t disagree. He briefly thought about asking Sival about it but decided that was too deep a subject, especially considering his increasing levels of inebriation. He went with a simple agreement instead.


Falt: It is indeed.


Before they could continue something seemed to distract Sival, although Tomas couldn’t make it out.


Sival: If you would excuse me, Ensign. There appears to be a matter that requires my attention. Congratulations once again!


Falt: ::raising his glass:: Not at all. It was good to see you again.


The Ensign departed. Left on his own Tomas held up his glass and looked at his reflection in the amber liquid.


Falt: ::very tipsy, giggling to himself:: and it’s Lieutenant to you Ensign.


He drained his glass. He was prepared to concede the beer was going to his head. Maybe it would be best if he only had a couple more…


He ordered another beer and just as it arrived he noticed his fellow promotee, Lieutenant Trovek, approaching.


Falt: Lieutenant! Care to join me?


Trovek: ::making sure to stress the word:: Lieutenant - how does it feel?


Falt: It feels good thank you. I’d say it feels great but I think that might be the beer talking for me, so we’ll stick with good. ::raising his glass once more:: Congratulations again to you.


Trovek: ::nodding:: And how did your shore leave go? I remember we spoke about a campfire in the middle of nowhere.


Falt: Ahh, I’ve just told this story to the good Doctor Sival. I did get a campfire in the middle of nowhere briefly, along with my father. But we decided to join T’Lea and her team and ended up finding the Oralians.


He paused to take a sip of his latest drink, expecting to need to explain further, but the counsellor already seemed to be aware of T’Lea’s expedition, so he took another sip instead.


Trovek: I wasn’t aware you were part of that group - it only makes me more envious. I travelled to Earth and tended to some… family business. Am I the only one who feels they need a vacation after visiting family?


Even through his beer haze Tomas picked up on her mannerisms and tone and guessed she had not had an easy trip. He knew he was incredibly lucky with his own family so decided to choose his words carefully.


Falt: Families can be... complicated.


That was true, even if you got on well with them. A lack of protest from the new Lieutenant confirmed he’d not said the wrong thing at least.


Trovek: Oh, I almost forgot ::she handed him the gift bag:: Coffee from home. I thought you might enjoy it.


Tomas took the proffered bag with undisguised enthusiasm. He could smell the scent of the coffee wafting from it, it was the good stuff. Plenty of it too. He tried to find the right words but the beer made it difficult. He went with honesty.


Falt: I’m lost for words, this is an amazing gift. Thank you.


oO Okay, honesty with a side order of emotional beer talk Oo


Trovek: You’re welcome - nothing tastes as good as coffee from home. Speaking of… ::she glanced over at the buffet, and her stomach reminded her of the fact that she hadn’t eaten yet:: I better fetch some food before it’s all gone. Enjoy the rest of your evening.


Falt: You too Lieutenant. Thank you again.


Tomas put the coffee down on the bar. That was certainly going to help with his inevitable hangover in the morning. He drained his glass and looked around. A number of officers had already left and he was alone at the bar. He caught the attention of the barman.


Falt: One more for the road.



NT / END for Falt


Lieutenant JG Tomas Falt

Science Officer

USS Juneau, NX-99801




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