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Live from Amity! Quotes from the Delta Quadrant

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Summerside: Well, it’s all true. Briori, as it is now, was founded by three hundred earthlings abducted by aliens and transported to the Delta Quadrant over 450 years ago as slave labour. There was an uprising of some sort and, well, ba-da-bing ba-da-doom, here we are.

Excellent Reference to the Voyager episode @Kivik

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  • 2 weeks later...

Cassian watched the pair leave and started to turn his attention back to the next item on his list to go down the protocol to keep the people of the station safe. When the reporter turned around he looked back over at him.

Summerside: Last chance for a stoic quote in the article, Commander. Anything to say on the record?

Iovianus: To Be Determined.

Summerside: Perfect… ::Sarcastically, under his breath:: You really know how to hook a reader, Commander.

When Mister Summerside turned back away Cassian offered himself the smallest hint of a smile before he headed off to work.


This made me laugh @Jansen Orrey!

I can't wait to see "To Be Determined" as a direct quote in Arthur Summerside's next news article @Kivik !

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  • 4 weeks later...

Iko: I'M FINE!

Keehani: oO She’s clearly not. Oo

Over her own thoughts she “heard” Wil’s only thought.

Ukinix: oO Awkies. Oo

Keehani temporarily furrowed her brow.  What as an “awkie”?

This was funny!  @Wil Ukinix

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  • 3 weeks later...

Rivi and Keehani turned to see the Starfleet attache and Amity's first officer approach, carrying a box.

Ukinix: G’day Ms Polgonz, how are ya’, I’m Wil, First Officer.  ::Opening lid of rectangular box:: Can I offer you a donut?

Her cousin's words came back to her suddenly.

Positive thoughts, Rivi. And send my regards to Ukinix.

Vataix: oO Oh, Wil... you're so adorable. Oo

And to think this man's grandfather had seduced *multiple* matriarchs of the other Noble Houses.

Rivi eyed those donuts suspiciously before glancing up at Wil.

Vataix: oO This one has the same potential for danger. Oo


Beware of Australians bearing donuts.

(Hilarious stuff @Rahman and Rivi Vataix !)

Edited by Wil Ukinix
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  • 2 weeks later...

Vataix: In my encounters with off- ahem, those not from Betazed, I've observed a curiosity and fascination especially with our customs regarding nudity as formality. Perhaps most well-known is that for instance our wedding ceremonies are conducted with all in attendance in the nude.

Summerside: Ah. Yes. I, erm, had heard something about that…

He remembered, briefly, the unimpressed look that Ariadust’s Betazoid noble friend had given him at the New Years Eve party as he’d… engaged in some ‘cultural speculation’ at the bar.

Vataix: This practice though is not just restricted to weddings. Any major ceremony or meeting--particularly those involving the conveyance of trust--can be performed similarly. Now, I'm not suggesting we continue the rest of the interview here in the nude-- ::She looked over at Wil and John and then back at Summerside.:: --unless that is your preference.

The mental gymnastics that Summerside had to do to try and evade the onslaught of unwelcome imagery following that statement was exhausting. First, he pictured the Ambassador. Wiping that from his mind, he found himself considering her husband. Recoiling from that thought, he glanced elsewhere and noticed Ukinix staring at nothing – evidently in the same boat – then he found himself imagining sitting in a boat with Ukinix, both nude! He accepted that Carter would be next.

oO Ah to hell with it… Just picture everyone on the damn station naked… Oo

Amity.  The Federation's first nudist colony @Kivik

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  • 3 weeks later...

I'm still thinking about this flashback that @PaarusZalbac3 wrote a few days ago, exploring Zal's feelings towards the Vidiians through the context of his history with the Cardassian occupation of Bajor. The full scene is here: Ensign Paarus Zalbac - Murder She Wrote.

Note - this is fairly intense and may trigger some folks as it covers (in an appropriate manner) subjects of abuse, imprisonment, and murder:

Paarus:  The Cardassians were much the same way with my people. They were cruel, forcing us into camps, starving us of our culture and our dignity. I will never forgive what they did.
((Flashback, Stardate 236801.19, Jalanda Labor Camp, Bajor))
Life in the camp was dirty and cold. The Cardassians had kept the barracks at a minimum of five degrees Celcius and provided no blankets, pillows, or any creature comforts. This made the sleeping barracks unbearably cold in the long southern winters. The dirt floor was crawling with slime worms that would burrow and lay eggs in your feet. Many Bajorans suffered from untreated infestations which lead to amputations in the Medical barrack. Food in the form of a single kava root stewed in a bowl of water was provided to each family twice per day. Life was grim but many Bajorans helped each other in small ways.
It was Zal's fifth birthday and in spite of the dreariness of the camp, Zal was excited. His mother had promised him spice cake to mark the occasion. Zal was playing with his brother in the barracks. A few other Bajorans were resting between their shifts. Their mother was out attending to a Cardassian Lieutenant as a comfort woman. She had promised to be back by early afternoon, but it was getting late and she was not home yet. This was common as the Cardassians made sure little routine was kept in the camps.
Llongan: Are you excited about your birthday, Zal?
Zal: Yes! Mother says we can have spice cake!
Llongan: That sounds yummy. 
Zal: She said she is going to get it today. She should be home soon.
Almost as if she was summoned, Zal's mother opened the barracks door with something wrapped in a dirty cloth and tucked into her sleeve. She smiled at the two boys who were sitting on one of the wooden bunks. Taking off the cloth to reveal a small piece of spice cake on a plate, Zal's mother set the plate between Zal and his brother. 
Mother: Happy Birthday my baby. ::with a strained smile:: Now, quickly eat this up. ::she looked over her shoulder with a worried look::
Zal split the cake between him and his brother. No sooner had he taken a mouthful of cake, when the door to the barracks was kicked in by a large Cardassian guard. He looked angry and surveyed the room. Zal's mother quickly hid the plate under the wooden bed and stood to face the guard.
Mother: To what do we owe this... 
Before she could finish her sentence, the guard punched Zal's mother and she stumbled into one of the bunks. She was slow to get back up and the guard look around the barracks to see if anyone else was going to try to speak.
Guard: Who took the plate?
No one responded. Zal's mother was on all fours on the ground. Some other Bajoran's stirred and moved away from the guard. Zal and Llongan held each other's hands looking terrified and shocked.
Without even asking again, the guard stepped over to one of the bunks where a sleeping Bajoran man was just beginning to stir awake from the commotion. The guard grabbed the man by the neck and dragged him out of the middle bunk and held him up by his neck. A sickening gurgle came from the Bajoran as the life was squeezed out of him. The guard tossed the body to the floor. 
Guard: You take from Cardassia and I will take from you. Let this be a lesson to you filthy people. ::spitting on the dead Bajoran::
With that, the Cardassian guard turned and left the barracks.
((End Flashback))
Paarus: I watched a Cardassian snuff out the life of a Bajoran over the alleged theft of a small plate. ::shaking his head:: I will never forgive what the Cardassians did to my people. Nothing justifies their cruelty to the Bajorans. I reject any justification anyone makes for the Vidiians.

Just wanted to appreciate the powerful work done here!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Another appreciation coming your way for this little self-deprecating conversation re: (Kivik's unique) Pronouns and Grammar from @Wil Ukinix:


Ukinix: =/\= Sure! Bring ‘em up with you. Ukinix out. =/\=

Keehani: ::Whispering discreetly to Wil:: No, it’s “nem”.

Ukinix: I said “nem”. Didn’t I?

Keehani: No you didn’t-

Ukinix: I did, I said-

Keehani: -you said “em”.

Ukinix: “Nem”. ::squinting eyes:: I did say “’em”, didn’t I. Well, it’s short for “nem”.

Keehani: Say it with me Wil. “Nem”.

Ukinix: I’m just - ::frustrated sigh:: - shortening. “Bring nem up.” “Bring ‘em up”. See? Same difference.

Keehani blinked her eyes at her cousin a moment.

Keehani: Same… “difference”. Did they not teach you Federation Standard at school?

Taken from "Lt Cmdr Wil Ukinix - Let Them Eat Cake" (LINK)

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  • 1 month later...

The holographic screens on the consoles flickered and strobed as data began processing.  The huge map of the colony system on the wall in front of them began showing different heat maps, charts, and callouts of various important information.  One of the console screens gave a warm tone to indicate a finding.  Solak made his way to the console, and tapped the screen.

Solak: Curious.

Kivik: ::Leaning in to Tri’lea:: That’s Vulcan for “uh oh.”

The Betazoid noble held in a chuckle, but sensed that Kivk was indeed right.

@Kivik from now on shall be named the Vulcan whisperer.

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  • 1 month later...

Wong: I don’t think this is an infection situation. I think this is a first contact situation.

Ukinix: ::Impressed tone:: $^#@.

Kivik: ::Smiling:: Looks like your new colony world has already been settled, Daughter Ascendant.

Polgonz: ::Unimpressed tone:: $^#@.

A piece of countering, profanity brilliance from @Kivik

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  • 2 months later...

How do you cut down independent Briori journalist Arthur Summerside with one quip?  Ask Cassian Iovianus:


Ukinix(H): With some of the other houses breathing down their neck after Idrustix, I’m not surprised they’d be nervous.  Apparently representatives of two of the houses are on their way here to fight over who gets to establish a Betazoid colony in the Delta Quadrant.  Don’t ask me which houses, I can’t keep up.  ::Looking at Arthur:: There you go Arty, there’s a lead for you.

Summerside: Great. Noble House drama? The only people who care about that are hardcore Betazoid loyalists and nitwits who gobble up tabloid jibjab.

Iovianus: A fine set of readers for you then?

Glorious @Jansen Orrey

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