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LtCmdr T'Lea - The Sweater Anomaly

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Never lend anything to @TLea  🤣



((T’Lea’s Quarters))

Busy. Busy. Busy.  The entire science department had been busy little bees, buzzing around the hive, and feeding the Queen information that had been, (and still was being) collected from scans, sensors, probes, and other data points related to the planet they were orbiting.  Luckily, T’Lea had Falt to help her sort it all out.  The man was proving to be a great asset in multiple areas of expertise, not just anthropology.  Over the past few days, she’d relied quite heavily on him, and was beginning to trust in his abilities more, which meant she could throw more work and responsibility his way. 

Over at her desk she finished downloading and correlating new details onto her data padd as the stream updated.  For a moment she paused to watch her fish gracefully waltz around the tank like delicate ballroom dancers.  They were mesmerizing little creatures and she was really starting to appreciate the calming effect they had. 

From the fish tank her eyes looked beyond to the blue jewel that spinning outside her window -- a window that suddenly made her feel like a less graceful fish in a tank.  Maybe they were all fish swimming around in the tank of some cosmic entities living room.  She grinned.  There was a thought that Sival would enjoy.

She scooped up her data padd and headed for her uniform jacket laid out on the couch.  She was in the process of pulling it on when her door chimes announced someone.

T’Lea:  Enter.

The doors opened behind her, and she saw the reflection of Arys standing in the threshold. 

Trovek: You stole my sweater. 


Turning to face her accuser with a furrowed brow, T’Lea realized that the woman looked quite pale, and upset.


T’Lea:  What?  I did no such thing.  You loaned it to me at the ceremony.


Trovek: ::narrowing her eyes:: That was days ago. I got sick. I blame you. 


T’Lea:  I assure you a sweater would not have prevented your ailment.  But if you must assign guilt because your immune system is insufficient, so be it.  Why are you standing outside?


Trovek: response


T’Lea:  I’ll get your damn sweater.  Wait here, inside.


She headed into her bedroom and opened the closet.  It was only then that she realized the sleeves had been stretched out to a length that was disproportionate to any human, and the torso had also suffered a misshapen blow for proper fitment.


T’Lea:  Frell.


Trovek: response


T’Lea: Nothing.  Watch the fish and your irritability will subside.  I’ll be out in a moment.


She held up the sweater and scowled at its confounding lopsided angles.  Nothing was going to fix this.  She folded it up neatly in a nice meticulous square of presentable perfection.  With a sigh she rejoined Arys in the living room and placed a hand atop the cardigan as she approached.


T’Lea:  How fond are you of this sweater?


Trovek: response


T’Lea:  ::mumble:: That’s unfortunate.


Trovek: response


T’Lea:  Nothing.  Here.   Thank you.  It was very warm.

Two 'nothings' equaled something.  She hoped Arys hadn't picked up on that.

She handed the jumper over and bit her tongue as she headed for the replicator and ordered a cup of Vulcan Spice tea to accompany her on their trip to the briefing.

T'Lea:  What ailment are you suffering?

She wasn't worried about infection. Obviously, it wasn't too serious or the Doctors wouldn't have let her out to contaminate the rest of the ship.   What she was worried about was the terrible thing she done to the sweater, and she didn't even remember how it had happened.  Or did she?  Vaguely.  

In the back of T'Lea's mind she was begging the woman not to put the sweater on.  Her cup of tea replicated and she lifted the warm glass for a sip.

Trovek: response


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