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Lt. Cmdr. Ben Garcia - And back again

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I REALLY liked the start to this sim.  It was sent right at the changeover of an act, and it came across as a really fun and creative way to break up the pacing of pretty complicated scene! Nice @Ben Garcia


(( Personal quarters, U.S.S. Thor. Personal log, time index - post mission. ))
Ben sipped at his tea. It was still too hot. He placed it back on the coaster and continued his log entry.
Garcia: At this point I looked at the crackling holographic projection and thought: "great": we'd jumped from time travel to a potential hostage situation quicker than you can antichronotones.
Hearing the ghostly echo of Greaves shouting "hostile" and "phaser" while the humanoid projection flickered at will in the aft of the main cabin tighten my stomach into knots. 
The crew looked at me and I looked at them.
Where were we to start with this jumbled jigsaw?
What was I to tell the team?
Before I could open my mouth, the temporal terrain shifted, and we were back in space again, in our own time.
Sitting back in the debris field, we were alone without the Thor, left only with our questions, questions that we clutched at without answers.
Ben sat quietly as he brought the mug of tea back to his lips. As he stared at the chunk of debris in the suspension chamber perched on the desk, the computer paused the log entry, waiting for him to continue. 
Ben thought back to that moment, when the sands of time shifted and the hologram disappeared before them.
(( Tigris, debris field, search grid 22, Present. ))
In a flash, the projection was gone and so were the other lifeforms.
Corelli: Spike in Verterons, now at previous levels.  Comm beacon link broken, did we shift time again?
Looking out of the window they were definitely back in the debris field.  But more the question of when, the debris field had been around for a while.
Reid: Computer is trying to confirm where and when we are.
Garcia: Dar, situation status?
Dar: Response.
Corelli: I have a working theory, can someone verify we are in the same physical location?  Is the Thor on sensors?
Reid: I’m not reading the Thor.  We may not be back in our time. :: Theorizing ::
Garcia: (Arched brow.) Quite. Let's make that our first priority. 
Dar: Response
Corelli: I wonder if a static warp shell would anchor us in place – running simulations.
Garcia: Interesting. If it could Corelli, then it will give us more control over our situation - we won't be chasing our tails at the whim of chronotones. See how feasible it is, factor in the Tigris energy capabilities ... there modest compared to your set up on the Thor. 
Dar: Response
Reid: Computer confirms we are back in our previous location and time but the Thor is no longer on sensors.  No signs of debris but there are some strange energy readings and more antichronotones.  I’m widening the search hope they’ve just moved.
Garcia: if they've been caught up in a temporal anomaly, maybe a comms signal will get where our sensors won't - like how the Major's signal found its way to us. 
Corelli/Dar: Response
Reid: =/\= Lt Reid to Thor =/\=
Kaz waited there was no response. 
Garcia: keep trying Reid. (Smile.) 
Corelli/Dar: Response
Reid: Boosting signal.
Reid: =/\= Lt Reid to Thor =/\=
She tried again.  Again she waited and no response.
Garcia: Try the Major. If he got through to us with a bum dial, maybe we can return the call and get through to him.
Corelli/Dar: Response
Reid: =/\= Lt Reid to Major Greaves =/\=
Garcia: Reid, Amplify the signal and narrow its scope to ... (There was a brief pause as Ben tapped away at the helm.) This search grid - it's based on potential origin of the first comm signal we intercepted a few minutes--- 
Ben was going to say minutes, but right now time was anyone's guess. 
Corelli/Reid/Dar/Greaves: Response
Garcia: Corelli, what's your verdict on your warp bubble theory? 
Corelli/Reid/Dar/Greaves: Response


Lieutenant Commander Ben Garcia

Chief Operations Officer 

USS Thor

Author ID number: G239102MR0


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