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Lt. Commander Yogan Yalu — Here’s a quarter

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@Yalu @Ben Garcia - Huge props to Wes for the support he's given to Justin on this. I always love seeing how the sausage is made in Ops, and I love how Justin has managed to do this in a really fun and exciting way that is also amazing entertaining. A great way to start a ship launch! I do want to know what AQA stands for though...


(( OOC:  Just want to express some major gratitude to Wes/LtCmdr. Ben Garcia from the USS Thor for the sim-spiration, idea fuel, and all the things I plagiarized. ))

(( Operations Center, Deck 2, USS Excalibur-A ))

Well this was nice.  An entire bit of the ship devoted to such things as power transfer requests, holodeck reservations, sensor grid allocations, and quartering assignments.  Yogan was going to enjoy his new home.

Already in a good mood after having met with Captain Piruzian, Yogan practically jumped at the chance to get aboard the USS Excalibur and tackle the challenge of making sure that everyone had a place to sleep tonight.  Fortunately, the task would be made immensely simpler by a new computer program, just out of development from Starfleet Operations.  Excalibur had been given the privilege of being the first Vesta-class ship to be outfitted with the new system, and Yogan was looking forward to seeing what it could do.  The Interior Spaces Allocation And Coordination System, or ISAACS, for short, promised to revolutionize the way starships and other installations managed themselves.  Hopefully, it would live up to the hype.

Picking up the nearest PADD, Yogan logged into ISAACS and accessed the final allocation of personnel quarters.  Everything looked in order, but with a complement of nearly 850 people, this task would be a touch more complicated than on dear, sweet, petite little Resolution.  As he scanned the list one last time, he noted the living quarters of the people he had worked most closely with; those who would be transferring aboard directly from their former ship:


Occupant 1

Occupant 2



Nicholotti, Kalianna A.
Commanding Officer

Adea, Genkos
Chief Medical Officer

AQA on file


MacKenzie, Addison K.
Executive Officer




Yalu, Yogan
Lt. Commander
Helm Officer




Sherlock, Aine O.
Chief Security Officer




Etan Iljor
Chief Science Officer




Sirin, Meidra




Yellir, Hallia
Lieutenant JG
Science Officer




Silveira, Vitor S.
Lieutenant JG
Tactical Officer




Dakora, Talos
Intelligence Officer

(berth 2 vacant)

Double occupancy


Yalu:  Looks good, ISAACS.

Yogan set down the PADD and spun round in his chair to work at the computer terminal.  He did another double, triple, quadruple check that all of the assignments were correct and that no one ended up misallocated to live in Deflector Control or Tractor Beam Emitters by mistake, then called up the message he'd drafted to all personnel:



SUBJ:  Rooms and quarters aboard the USS Excalibur-A

Dear {rank} {surname},

Welcome aboard the USS Excalibur-A.  This message is to inform you about:

  1. Room numbering and signage audits

  2. Quartering assignments

Item 1: Room numbering and signage audits

The USS Excalibur-A uses “deck–sector–compartment” as the standard format for the identification, allocation, and management of all interior spaces.

The LCARS database article on room numbering has been updated to explain the “deck–sector–compartment” format clearly.  To ensure that room numbering is consistent shipwide, all departments shall audit their assigned spaces and log any erroneous signage with Operations via ISAACS (the Interior Spaces Allocation And Coordination System).

Departments must complete their initial signage audit within the next 72 hours.  Please advise Operations if you foresee any issues with completing your audit prior to the deadline.  Operations will correct reported signage errors within 24 hours of the log being placed in ISAACS.

It is expected that interior spaces will be reconfigured from time to time, to meet evolving departmental and personnel needs. Department chiefs are responsible for promptly reporting any reconfigurations that may necessitate the creation, deletion, or reordering of room numbers within a given deck and sector. Prior approval is typically not required, provided the reconfigurations comply with hardware, volume, and mass limits.

Item 2:  Quartering assignments

You have been assigned living quarters according to your primary personnel classification.  Quarters are assigned via ISAACS.

By default, all personnel are required to reside in the designated quarters for their classification, unless alternative quartering arrangements (AQAs) have been approved.  AQAs can be requested at any time via ISAACS, and are approved by Operations after consultation with the Executive Officer.

{rank} {given_name} {surname}

Your default access code is {greek_letter}-{numeral}-{numeral}-{numeral}-{numeral}.

On first use, ISAACS will prompt you to change the access code to a combination of your choosing before the door’s locking mechanism will release.  Therefore, please have a new combination in mind to ensure prompt access to your quarters.  ISAACS will not release the doors until this action is completed.

Please ensure that any personal belongings you wish to have transported aboard from Columbia or Deep Space 224 are properly tagged with your name, Starfleet Serial Number, and quartering assignment.  Anti-grav sleds will be available on each deck to assist you in moving.

Please take occupancy of your quarters within the next 24 hours.  If you have questions or believe there to be an error in your quartering assignment, contact Operations immediately.

Once again, welcome aboard.


Lt. Commander Yogan Yalu
HCO Officer
USS Excalibur NCC-41903-A



With any luck, the number of transfer requests would be low.  Yogan had already planned for the inevitable grumblings from Ensign So-and-So who didn’t want the quarters adjacent to the turbolift, and Lieutenant Such-and-Such who got space sick with aft-facing windows.  Hopefully, there would be few of these frivolous requests, but with such a big crew, there was no way to know for sure.

Yogan finished off his mug of glurtch, then made a disgusted face.  He’d waited too long to drink it and it had gone [...]ly.  Had he really been in here for that long?  There were a few other immediate things for him to do before he could kick back and settle into his own shiny new quarters.  He placed the mug in the replicator and ordered a glass of water to wash down the spoilt glurtch, then sat back down at his desk.  Already, a dozen officers had acknowledged receipt of his message.

Yalu: Do your thing, ISAACS.  Don’t mess this up

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This made my geeky Ops heart warm 💜 😆

I think it’s “Alternative Quarter Allocation”, but I might have called it ARS to begin with. From the geeky sim archives on Thor: 


By default, all junior officers serving without dependents (up to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade) occupy shared quarters unless alternative arrangements (ARS) have been granted. ARS can be requested at any time through RAMS and are managed by Operations


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