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Quotes: Excalibur-Eyyyyyyyy

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Yalu:  You will be pleased to know that the only hero at this table is this one.

Yogan pointed to the sandwich sitting in front of him

What a great way to start our new quotes thread

That's meant to be a Fonzie noise in the title, FYI

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The man pivoted and made his way out of the room. When the doors swished closed behind him, Addison’s posture relaxed as she tossed the PADD down on the desk. She wouldn’t actually launch him out an airlock – she was a renowned doctor bound by an oath, after all – but if his name crossed her desk for the wrong reasons again, she’d make him wish the airlock was an alternative.

~ MacKenzie



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MacKenzie: =/\= MacKenzie to the senior staff. Report to the briefing room. (beat) That’s on deck 1 for those of you who are directionally challenged… =/\=

Yogan chuckled.  Okay, maybe one thing was still the same.



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Yalu:  When ambiguity makes things uncomfortable, we learn to be comfortable in our discomfort.

MacKenzie / Silveira:  response (if desired)

Yalu:  I read once that on a box of herbal tea.



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