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Warrior Priest N’Valdran - Walk the Desert Free


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An open ending, an antagonist who is revealed as recurrent from now on, the tip of the iceberg of what is happening and DEEP TREK LORE laying all around the SIM.... WOW @Jo Marshall, you scare the hell out of me

Good job


((Unfinished Hospital, Darime Colony)) 


Voice: Wake up, Priest.


The world around him spun in strange currents; tidal waves breaking on bedrock, a hundred blades clashing behind his eyes. Valdran sat straight on the biobed, pressing the heel of his hand to his head as another wave of anguish crested on the surging vertebrae. At the confluence of his neck, he felt a little device push, a hiss of release, and a rapid rush of stimulant stream coarsely through his capillaries like hardened shards of grit.


He opened his eyes as his palm sought the depression site as if he could rub away the sensation that was now coursing through his Vulcanised veins, reaching every fibre with every stroke of his heart muscle.


Tokkra: Darime IV is lost. For now. I trust you have a method of escape?


Valdran: Cloaked in the Garden. 


The Garden, the Garden. How guarded the Pelians had been over the location, and how oblivious they had been to anybody within. They prayed to their divinity, worshipped in the dirt, and perished amid the leaves and trees, unable to see the true path forward.


Valdran stretched like a sehlat under the morning sun; his spine elongating for the length of a breath as he sat up to full height. 


Tokka: The Brotherhood has sent word of a meeting. Your attendance in person is, ::he paused for a second,:: required. 


In an un-Vulcan manner, Valdran grunted. 


Valdran: I am sure they do. 


Tokkra: Indeed. 


Thoughts and muses wandered around in his mind until Valdran slipped off the biobed and back onto his feet. He recovered his equilibrium, wobbling slightly, and clasped his hands behind his back. Delicate dances were required in order to reclaim the favour he had so recklessly lost there. Words murmured into the appropriate ears would win the day. Darime IV, however, must be surrendered for the time being.


Valdran: A minor trifle within comprehensive stratagems. ::He straightened, ironing the kinks out of a ramrod back.:: Vorta Vor has not yet laid claim to me. 


Tokkra: The Old Mother in the Womb of Fire beckons us all. 


The acolytes' youngest darted a quick glance about the tent, as if expecting others to notice their presence. Only the body of another Romulan lay comatose on the ground, with bruises outlining the trapezius nerve bundle.


Tokkra: The one known as Alieth. She is intriguing. 


Valdran: Agreed. She may yet be of use. As would the one they called Loxley.


Tokkra: I will continue operations here and report back within the week.


Valdran retrieved his serrated and curved knife and tucked it back into the folds of his cloak. Once again, it would be hidden until it was required once more; undoubtedly, it would be sooner than thought. In close combat, energy weapons signalled dishonour, and nothing could surpass the sensation of sliding the curved blade between the ribs of the hybrid doctor.


Tokkra: For we lived as slaves until we made ourselves free.


Valdran: We will remember, we will avenge; we will walk the desert free.


Valdran reached for the acolyte's shoulder and softly squeezed his hand, with little else to say and the pockets of escape time quickly soaking into the soil. He squeezed the bundle of nerves with his fingers and thumb hard enough, and Tokkra collapsed senseless on the floor.


The priest adjusted his robes as he clasped his hands behind his back, donned the ancients' mask, and slipped out of the tent unobserved by the rushed Starfleet medical officers on duty.


They needed more disciples to swell their numbers for the Brotherhood to rise again. 


His methods had worked. They had viable prospects. Perhaps he dreamed too small, expected results too diminutive for what his genius was thoroughly capable of. 


After all, how does one truly mitigate the acts of a monster?




Warrior Priest N’Valdran

te-Vikram Brotherhood


As simmed by


Lt. Commander Jo Marshall

First Officer

USS Gorkon, NCC-82293


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