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Ensign Jaxon Fargo Remnants Remain and Beginnings Begin

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I meant to post this a while back when it first came out, but I kept on forgetting. This is the first mission for Fargo aboard the Thor, and this is his first post in that mission. Boy does he just really NAIL introducing some plot. Plus, it's such a great Star Trek opener of mysterious particles and the unknown in space, that I had to come post it here.


Good work buddy.


((Bridge, Deck 1, USS Thor))
Ensign Jaxon Fargo was smiling. After the disastrously embarrassing events on Amity Station, and a couple of days shipboard he was back on duty and in his favorite place. The bridge. 
His combadge chirped.
Kells: =/\= Kells to Brodie and Fargo. Please join me on the bridge. =/\=
oO Excellent. Finally some action. Oo
Fargo: =/\= I am currently on the bridge sir, and will await your arrival. =/\=
Brodie: =/\= Responses =/\=
Kells: =/\= Very good. See you there shortly. =/\=
The channel closed and Fargo drummed his fingers in excitement. His first mission as a bridge officer was about to begin...
((Some time later, Bridge, Deck 1, USS Thor, Sorach System))
Kells: Captain's log, stardate 239810.29. The Thor has arrived at the Sorach system, and we have approached the huge derelict called Proud Mary. Proud Mary is located within one of the largest concentrations of derelicts, and once we have beamed over Major Greaves and his away team, the Thor and the Tigris will begin our visits to the other derelict-heavy areas. The Tigris will move with the orbiting directions of Sorach's planets, while Thor will move against. Thus far, we have encountered nothing out of the ordinary, given our mission parameters.
The Commodore finished his log entry quietly, and glanced back at Fargo who was monitoring the departure of the Tigris.
The view was astounding. All systems were beautiful to Fargo and this one was no different, but the millions of pieces of debris orbiting like serene and sparkling diamonds gave an ethereal quality to the Sorach system that he found transfixing.
oO Gotta be what Heaven looks like. Oo
The Thor floated gracefully, a safe distance from the bulk of the massive cloud of ships. The Proud Mary, a brobdingnagian landmark, ancient and fiercely strong, sat silent in the dark with as much life in its engines as light in its hallways. Whoever built the vessel had been quite capable though, its continued existence a testament to their engineering skills. 
Kells: Ensign, advise Tigris that they may begin at their leisure.
Fargo: ::A pause.::  Tigris reports that they have cleared the Thor and have completed preparations. :: He tapped a command on his console. :: Tigris you are cleared to depart. Proceed at your leisure, and safe sailing, Thor out.
The Commodore turned to Lt. Cmdr Brodie from Medical.
Kells: Will you let Wes and his team know that our scans are complete, and that they have the green light to beam over?
The counsellor turned and tapped out a command before speaking.
Brodie: Response
They watched on visual as the craft departed.
Kells: What? There's nothing alive in this part of the system. I figured it's as good a place as any to make sure I still remember which button to press for acceleration.
Fargo gulped.
oO He's kidding right?... He's gotta be rated… Oo
Fargo: Sir? If I may assist?
Brodie: Response
Kells: Just joking, just joking. I'm taking us out, nice and slow, and then I'll set the autopilot. Continuous scans, Ensign Fargo. I do want to make sure we keep our metaphorical eyes peeled.
Brodie: Response
Fargo: Aye sir. Sensors on full. Continuous cycle.
Fargo smiled inwardly, he had been running continuous scans since he had manned his station an hour ago. 
oO Its a waste of Tactical otherwise… Oo
Things looked nominal at his initial glance but a flashing verteron count quickly caught his eye. It was only a blip, but verterons could be used to overload a ship's field coil or to block ship sensors, and since they were not in the vicinity of a wormhole…
oO There shouldn't be any verterons… Temporal anomaly?  Enemy? One of these derelicts? Oo
Another blip. Another. Then more. Faster and faster. blurring into a stream.
oO Almost as if building up towards something. Oo
An alarm chimed.
Kells: Report.
Fargo: Sir. sensors report abnormal counts of verterons bearing oh-four-nine point three. No indication of anything present that could be responsible. It's like we triggered something when we initiated impulse.
Brodie: Response
Fargo nodded in response as his console flared with new information.
Fargo: Commodore! Reading antichroniton particles as well! In a surge from the center of the verteron anomaly. 
He studied the readouts intensely. Trying to decipher the cryptic change in data. There was almost an outline in the particle wave, as if the particles were radiating from an object. He could almost see something. Something circular and large, fantastically large.
Fargo: There IS something there… I… I think it might be a…  well its station sized…  My Lord.. Its huge...
Kells: Response
Brodie: Response
Fargo: Aye sir. Scanning.
Brodie: Response
He reached to initiate the scan, attempting to verify the telemetry first but surprisingly the data on Fargo's Tactical console now read normal. His mouth gaped open in disbelief. It was gone. All of it. Verterons and antichronitons all gone. All of the anomalous readings had righted themselves. All he could detect now was normal space. 
oO Are sensors on the fritz or do I suck at my job?   Or is there something out there? Oo
Fargo swallowed, checked his readings and then rechecked. He turned towards the Commodore, confusion evident on his face.
Fargo: Sir. The readings are gone.
Tags! and TBC!
Ensign Jaxon Fargo
USS Thor NCC 82607


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