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Agent Lynas - I Am A Feather And I Wish To Fly Far Away From Here by Lt. Commander Jona ch'Ranni


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That intro is just priceless


((Street, Sabyk, Pelios III))

Lynas' floated on a gentle breeze, a feather that flitted from cobblestone to cobblestone down the bustling streets of Pelios. His advance was hindered only by the occasional raindrop that weighed him down for a second until he possessed enough lift to be pushed further along his endless journey to nowhere.

Being a lifeless object had its advantages. Gone were the worries and troubles of his former life as a FedSec agent. No more policing the minor offenders, handing out endless warnings for improper transport licensure and failure to yield to pedestrian traffic. No more enduring the eyerolls from the likes of the up-and-coming junior agents - Poro specifically - who were jealous of his comfortable spot in the precinct. And no more dreadful murder investigation.

Still, his life as a feather meant he had to leave behind the things he did enjoy about his life. His beautiful Sylan. His respected peers - Vilchis and Anvos. It was a shame he would miss out on Anvos' retirement party. The man deserved a great sendoff for his decades of dutiful service and Lynas would have loved to join in on the bash. Alas, his new life as a feather would make that impossible.

His new life was decided and there wasn't anything he or anyone else could do about it. Better to simply accept his fate and float on the breeze. A loud bang caused the Pelian FedSec agent to stir and he slowly regained consciousness.

((Pelian house, New Sabyk, Darime Colony))

Lephi: We're out of time!

Lynas: oO Why is there shouting? Oo

His hearing faded in and out as he caught brief snippets of the action. After a few seconds of trying to get the room to stop swaying around him, he was able to discern that he was seated in a chair. As the Pelian's eyes adjusted to the darkness, he realized he was not alone in the room. Figures moved about and there was some kind of struggle across the room. The chiseled Stoyer was grappling with a gray cloaked figure while his own captor, a blue-cloaked figure, stood apart looking for an opportunity to intercede. Mr. Stoyer received a punch to the face for his trouble but seemed to take it in stride.

Stoyer:  ... trying not to hurt you.

Neathler/Lephi/Tahna: Response

The gray-hooded figure thrust backward and slammed their head into the bridge of the Starfleet officer's nose, leaving a trail of bright red blood running down his cheek.

Stoyer:  OK, that is enough…..

Neathler/Lephi/Tahna: Response
It was a pandemonium of action. The situation was out of control and Lynas reached into his repertoire of skills that he'd worked to build over the course of his career. One of the best skills he had developed was the Voice of Authority. It wasn't something he often had to rely on, most situations were defused long before they reached the manic-panic-no-holds-barred fray.
Lynas: ::shouting:: Everyone, FREEZE!
The room fell silent as he struggled to his feet. His back twinged badly and his head throbbed - possibly from being knocked out twice in a day's time.
The blue and gray frocked figures separated and the Starfleet officers showed admirable restraint as all eyes fell on him.
Lynas: I trust you are okay, Lieutenant Stoyer?
Stoyer: Response
Lynas: Perhaps it's time we got some answers, Bisul.
He gestured to the blue-cloaked Pelian and the lady in gray standing at his shoulder. The not-so-deceased Chief Sakerark removed his blue hood and smiled. The recent surgery around his eye left garish stitches and mismatched eyes but his identity was unmistakable. Someone gasped in the dim lighting as he was recognized by at least one of the Starfleet visitors.
Neathler/Lephi/Tahna/Stoyer: Response
Bisul/Lady in Gray: Response
Chief of Operations
USS Gorkon (NCC-82293)
Poll of the Month Team, Co-Facilitator
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