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The Lt.Commander Maz Rodan Halloween 2398 Spooktacular - Intruder Alert!


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@Maz Rodan I've been really enjoying these little hints that keep getting dropped about something... off about our ship and a odd lingering presence of the crew before ours, but this one was particularly fun.  I'm also digging that Alvarez's reputation is rubbing off on the totally sweet and innocent Mason...

   ((USS Arrow - Deck 2; First Officers Quarters))
   {{Stardate 239810.31}}
   {{01:00 Hours}}
Lying awake in his bed, Maz contemplated the events that had occurred since arriving at Raft-ONE. Although the crew had enjoyed shore leave on the strange and exciting remote station, there were some parts of their new "alliance" with Myssa T'Vaz he didn't like.
Being First Officer was still relatively new to Maz, too. Although he had the experience and knowledge of another lifetime in the role, Maz was still a scientist by heart. The big decisions he was generally content to leave to others, but now those decisions demanded more of his time and attention.
He'd greeted Aran aboard warmly, but warned the younger Trill that he'd receive no special treatment from him in terms of the workload he'd undertake as a civilian aboard the ship. He'd report directly to Lt. R'Ariel and study under her tutelage until he was ready to submit his application to Starfleet Academy and Starfleet Medical. That also meant relegating him to shared quarters with some of the non-commissioned crew on Deck 4. 
So his large senior officers seemed empty and rather lonely now and he wondered if sharing a bunk with his little brother might relieve some of the loneliness. He leant across his bed to check the chronometer on his bedside. The ship's computer indicated it was after 01:00. October 31st. The old Earth tradition of Halloween. Deep in his mind he also remembered it was Lt.Commander Collins' birthday, an event he'd have to remember to celebrate in the day, after he'd exorcised these melancholy thoughts about the Arrow's future. 
Then there was also the problem with Lissandra. The Ktarian woman had ended up on the Raft under unfortunate circumstances. Though she was Rafi's wife from more than fifty years ago, Maz felt the familiarity of their connection. She and Rafi had enjoyed good times, and although he didn't quite share Rafi's love for her in that sense, he couldn't just ignore her.
What a mess! 
Maz flung the covers from his bed and padded barefoot across the quarters to the replicator and asked for a glass of water. The replicator whizzed and gurgled and ultimately nothing came to life. Bloody things must be on the blink. He rolled his eyes and made a mental note of yet another thing to set the repair teams on. At least it could wait til morning. He'd simply talk a brisk walk down to the Mess. The walk would do him good.
   ((USS Arrow - Deck 2; Corridor))
The corridor was deserted, as it should be at such a late hour. Deciding to forgo getting changed, he simply stepped out into the corridor wearing his Starfleet issue grey shorts and tank top. He was only getting a glass of water, he didn't need a dress uniform for such a task.
The lights had dimmed during the night. All over the ship, save for designated work stations, were now in a power saving mode for Delta Shift, and Maz noticed how strange it seemed to be walking down Deck 2 in such dim and quiet conditions.
The trek to the Mess wasn't far and as he rounded the corner past the Captain's Quarters he almost stopped dead as the doors swooshed closed. Someone was leaving the room. He almost doubled back to his own quarters and put on some decent clothing in case he bumped into the Captain on a midnight stroll. Even worse would be to bump into Commander MacKenna in such a state. Their relationship teetered on mild politeness at best. This was such an incident that could tip the scales into even further awkwardness.
Stepping back into the shadows, Maz had to do a double take as a man stepped out of the official quarters of the CO. A man that wasn't Randal Shayne. Though the uniform was similar. A full Starfleet uniform, with the familiar greyish shoulders. These days Starfleet permits any version of the official uniform to be worn while on duty. Some crew preferred the utility style from the last few decades. The Captain included. Maz preferred the updated 2390's uniform with the red shoulders. 
This man - whoever he was - wore a 2370's Dominion War era uniform. And he wasn't mistaken, either! Rodan had been Jareth during the War, and he knew the older uniform when he spotted it.
Something wasn't right! There weren't any other Starfleet vessels this far out in the Isles, and certainly not ones still wearing twenty year old uniforms. He called out after the intruder.
Rodan: Excuse me?
He hot-footed behind the officer and caught a glimpse of four shiny golden pips on the red collar. A Captain?
The man didn't acknowledge Rodan at all, instead he kept his pace toward the turbolift. Maz stopped and glanced back at the Captain's quarters. The doors were closed. Turning back to the turbolift he spotted they were closed too. He hadn't heard them open in their usual fashion.
Alarmed now, Maz felt a cold sweat trickling down his back and he turned and dashed barefooted back down the corridor to the nearest computer access terminal. He slammed his hand on the LCARS panel.
Rodan: Computer, what is the location of Captain Randal Shayne?
Computer: Captain Randal Shayne is in his quarters.
Tilting his head to one side, he kept his hand on the terminal and added.
Rodan: And the location of Commander Ash MacKenna?
Computer: Commander Ash MacKenna is in her quarters.
Something wasn't right. A man had just left their quarters, whom Maz didn't know. He decided to investigate further and followed his original path toward the Mess. There wasn't a soul in the corridor, and the dim light was beginning to affect him. A dark sensation of being watched from the shadows. 
He reached the Mess and the doors swooshed open. Regular light levels from within the room assaulted his eyes and he squinted in response. He was about to step inside when he was suddenly aware of somebody stepping out from the room and he quickly side-stepped to allow them to pass.
Rodan: OH! I apologise, please...
He indicated that they should pass first, but the light still half blinded him. A pair of hands reached for him in the seconds it took for his eyes to adjust and he let out a half-panicked yell as they grasped his tank top. He looked up in fear as a man in a similar War era uniform grasped at him. It wasn't a hostile act, though, Maz thought as he tried to take a step back. The face of the man was unknown. He wore Operations yellow. His rank indicated he was a Commander.
The mystery man grappled with Maz as if pleading, desperate for aid for a situation the Trill knew not what.
Man: Help us!
Rodan: Who are you?
Man: They're watching you...
Suddenly frightened, Maz struggled with all of his bodily might to free himself from the grasp of the unknown man. The man instantly released his grip and Maz fell unceremoniously onto his rear and looked around for any help. As quickly as the assault had occurred, it was over. The man had gone. There was no one in the Mess Hall. There was no one in the corridor.
Scrambling to his feet, Maz rushed to the nearest computer access point and made a mental note to pin his comm.badge to his pyjamas in the future...
Rodan: Computer; begin a level five security sweep of the Arrow. Pinpoint all non-registered life forms.
The computer trilled and worked on its task, taking mere moments to display the findings.
Computer: Scan complete. There are no non-registered life forms onboard.
Rodan: Are all registered crew and civilians accounted for?
Computer: Affirmative.
Shaking his head, Maz didn't understand what had happened. The man was there! He was pleading with him. He felt the hotness of his breath on his face, the tightness of his grasp on his clothing.
Suddenly remembering the date, the young Trill couldn't believe he could have fallen for a simple trick or treat prank. Old uniforms. Ghostly crew members? This had Alvarez written all over it! Or maybe Mason. Perhaps the pair had set up a few of their newly acquired holo-emitters on the deck? It could be explained, he reasoned. He was still a scientist after all, and could pretty much explain anything with the right data.
He ran a hand through his sweat soaked hair and made the short trip back to his quarters. He'd get to the bottom of this prank, all the while wondering if it was worth taking his shore leaves away from the ship in future...


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