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Lieutenant Piravao sh'Qynallahr - Improvised Weaponry


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I'm a little behind on these things but this SIM has been on my to-do list for days because it deserves a lot of praise and fanfare. It's an excellent action scene by @Piravao sh'Qynallahr, with a great pace and a just the right mix of humour and drama. But here the compliments are not only for our andorian friend, as the scene setting and the previous tags left by his colleagues have made everything flow and work surprisingly well. Good job Pira and team!


((Field Hospital, Darime Colony))
sh’Qynallahr: I really hope this is a mistake.
Facedown on the floor was one of the Gorkon’s security officers. As the rest of the group joined them, Piravao crouched and rolled the unconscious man over. He was young, clearly Vulcanoid, but an unfamiliar face .
sh’Qynallahr: I don’t recognise this man. I’m familiar with the Gorkon’s security personnel, but not this man.
Loxley: A Starfleet uniform makes a good disguise. The medical staff down here will assume he came down on the shuttle, I’d imagine.
Sevo: I probably would have, too. I don’t know everyone on the ship. Does anyone recall him coming off the shuttle?
She pulled the commbadge off his shirt and placed it on a nearby crate. From another crate she pulled a length of rope and began binding the unconscious man’s hands.
sh’Qynallahr: Can someone run the ID on the commbadge for me? Once we have a little more information we’ll wake him up and ask some questions.
Marshall: Ayiana, can you handle that, please? You should be able to link into the shuttlecraft database. 
Loxley: Odd. Heart rate and blood pressure are unusually high for someone unconscious. What stun setting did you use? 
sh’Qynallahr: Level three, the highest before a phaser starts causing physical damage.
Sevo: Well, the badge is registered to a Lieutenant Adan, Bajoran. :: She looked at the ears. :: He’s clearly not a Bajoran. 
That name was familiar, Piravao knew Lieutenant Adan. He was a rather new transfer, with a clean record. This Vulcanoid looked nothing like him, even accounting for the obvious species difference.
Loxley: He should be out cold, but… ::The hybrid trailed off as he adjusted his scan.:: I’m picking up high levels of cryptobiolin, a combat enhancer.
Piravao’s antennae flicked in surprise. Combat enhancers were difficult to obtain legally, even Starfleet was hesitant to use them. She wasn’t familiar with the exact effects of cryptobiolin, but any combat enhancer was a cause for concern.
Marshall: What would a Vulcan need combat enhancers for? Maybe expecting to find someone in here and take them out...
Sevo: Seeing as how we pushed back the attackers, and received reinforcements, maybe he wanted to be more prepared. 
sh’Qynallahr: I don’t like it. He was prepared for a fight.
Loxley: Wait, there’s more. Cervaline? That’s strange.
Sevo: And for those of us who don’t know what that is?
Loxley: It’s only used to prevent the rejection of transplanted tissues. And… ah, crap.
Piravao’s antennae curled toward the doctor. There was more? How many drugs were in this man’s system? It was a wonder the phaser blast had taken him down...or perhaps the sheer number of drugs had made it that much easier to take him out.
Loxley: He’s infected.
A quiet stream of Andorian curses left Piravao’s lips. Just when the situation seemed bad, there was always another piece of news to darken the mood.
Marshall: Well. ::She hooked an eyebrow.:: [...]. 
sh’Qynallahr: That seems an apt description of the situation.
Loxley: Exactly, so either he’s a Pelian in a very impressive disguise, or he encountered the same thing they did.
Marshall: What does that mean for us? We’ve been exposed now. Lox, you’re half Vulcan. 
Sevo: Could mean the disease is adapting to multiple species, which throws my “one-species-at-a-time programming” hypothesis out the window. Or it’s smarter than we thought and realized it’s dealing with multiple species and adapted accordingly.  
sh’Qynallahr: And unless I am mistaken Doctor, your other half is human. If it can infect you, it wouldn’t take much for it to jump to the other human present. ::Her antennae flicked to Jo::
Before that thought could go much further, their Vulcan prisoner began struggling in his bindings. A level three stun should have taken him out for much longer than it had. Those had to be some potent drugs.
Loxley: I should have mentioned that cryptobiolin is also pretty good for counteracting the effects of a phaser stun.
Piravao’s hand drifted to her phaser, ready to blast the Vulcanoid again should he become a cause for alarm. Her antennae flicked to check on her teammates while her eyes remained focused on the Vulcanoid. Everyone else seemed as concerned and cautious as she was, that was a good way to be.
Sevo: Um... 
With a roar the Vulcanoid stood, snapping the rope binding his hands. Piravao leaped back, moving swiftly out of his reach, phaser now drawn and at the ready. Her antennae flicked forward and relaxed. It took mere seconds for her to analyse the man before her. The uniform was too small for him, based on the false ID on the commbadge, it was most likely stolen. His eyes, they bulged, rage clear in his gaze. Not a Vulcan? Or possibly one who had allowed his emotions to rule him. With the rage, combat drugs, and the natural advantages of Vulcanoid physiology, this man would be a tough opponent, she would have to be quick in the event actions turned hostile
Marshall: Ohhhkay, let’s not do anything hasty right now. Just back up slowly. 
Loxley: Response
They hadn’t gone very far when the man’s arm snapped out and hauled Sevo into the air. Damn he was quick, and now with Sevo in his grasp Piravao’s phaser was useless, hitting her colleague was too big a risk. As the Vulcanoid examined his catch, Piravao slowly holstered her weapon. She would have to fight him hand to hand, she now had no doubt that this would end with violence.
Sevo: *hurk* 
Marshall: Or backup quickly. That’s a better option. Drop her! Bad Vulcan! 
Sevo: N-no! D- *hack* -don’t drop! Bad choice- *hurk* -of words!
Sevo fought, attacking the arm that held her, but to no avail. Even though it was having no effect, and Sevo was clearly struggling to breathe, this was good. It gave Piravao more information about the condition of the assailant. Resistant to Sevo’s attack on his arm, it implied he was tough, either naturally resistant to her blows, or chemically enhanced enough to ignore them.. This meant softer areas would have to be her target, and she would have to hit them hard.
Loxley: Response
Sevo: N-no! *hurk* Don’t shoot him! :: The blast might spread from him to Ayiana. That would not be fun. ::
sh’Qynallahr: ::Quietly:: The one time I leave my Ushaan-tor behind...
Marshall/Loxley: Response
The Vulcan roared again and hauled Ayiana higher into the air, then putting his shoulder and hip into the movement, he hurled the Trill across the room. Even as he began the motion Piravao leaped forward. He fists would likely be ineffective against him, so she would need a weapon, like the boom conveniently leaning against a nearby crate. As she snatched it up she heard Ayiana crashing to the floor behind her.
Marshall/Loxley: Response
Wielding the broom like one might an axe, Piravao slammed the head into the Vulcanoid’s knee, causing him to stagger. It was a good blow, but alone it would not be enough. Reversing her swing Piravao struck at his other side, catching him square on the ear with enough force to break the head of the broom off the shaft.
Still the Vuicanoid did not go down, and if anything he looked more angry than before. With a howl of rage he swung at her with a clawed grip, trying to snag her clothing. He was fast, but Piravao was faster. Spinning out of his way she adjusted her grip on the boom handle, moving from axe to quarterstaff. Keeping up her momentum Piravao struck again, a flurry of blows with both ends of the pole, striking at the backs of knees, and the insides of elbows.
Sevo: D-did anyone get the registry number of that starship?!
Marshall/Loxley: Response
The Vulcanoid, enraged and (hopefully) injured now, roared again, picking up a crate and hurling it at Piravao. With Ayiana clearly not mentally present and objects flying around the tent, this was not a good place for anyone to be right now. Piravao ducked the crate and jabbed at the man with the splintered end of the pole. Impressively, he avoided her latest strike. She was forced to roll to the side as another crate sailed through the air.
sh’Qynallahr: Watch out!
Marshall/Loxley/Sevo: Response
As her colleagues moved about behind her, Piravao struck again, catching the Vulcanoid on the same ear as before. Dimily she noted the trail of green blood leaking from the ear as she was forced to avoid another wild swing. A very wild swing which left the Vulcanoid overbalanced for a moment, perhaps her repeated blows were taking their toll on him. Her antennae perked up as she noted this. Balancing lightly on the balls of her feet, Piravao waited for her opponent to move again. Rage against serenity, wild swings against calculated strikes.
sh’Qynallahr: Someone grab a phaser and get ready!
Marshall/Loxley/Sevo: Response
The Vulcanoid swung at her again, and Piravao ducked under his blow. As she came up, she jabbed at him again, catching him in the throat. He stumbled backwards with a stangled grunt, one hand moving to cup his throat. Pressing her advantage Piravao struck again, catching him in the gut and causing him to double over. Slipping behind him Piravao jabbed the back of his knee, forcing him to crash heavily to the ground.
To his credit, the Vulcanoid started to rise, slowly and gasping for air. 
In a formal duel, or even a training spar, the bout would be over. To strike again would be seen as dishonourable, and it was something Piravao would never consider. But this was not a duel, nor was she sparring. This was life and death. Dueling rules went out the window, sparring was not relevant here. In a real fight, you fought dirty, you aimed for soft spots, you went for the eyes and you performed moves which would be considered illegal in a ruled duel. In a real fight, kicking a man while he was down was the best way to ensure he did not get back up. 
Piravao lowered the boom handle and bowed her head. He had been a dangerous foe, and while she could have given him an honourable fight, now was not the time for that. The fight needed to end.
Piravao: Stun him.
Marshall/Loxley/Sevo: Response
Lieutenant Piravao sh’Qynallahr
Security Officer
USS Gorkon
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