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Capt. Randal Shayne (And Chief of Security Artinus Serinus) - Bloody Revelations

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This is the end of a short plotline for our Captain @Randal Shayne and wonderful Chief of Security @Artinus Serinus and their dynamic just continues to shine for me. It's one of the true unexpected joys amid our ship's crew and I just had to show it off to y'all. A bit of context though, we recently were party to a feral off-shoot of ancient Gorn on a lost space-hulk and we suffered a few losses. It is hitting our Chief particularly hard (and the way it's been written and carried out between the two has just been wonderful to read). Enjoy!


((Deck 1, Captain’s Ready Room, USS Arrow)) 


Serinus: Yes, sir. ::break:: If I may be so bold, as to speak freely, sir?


The captain offered the security chief a quizzical look. They were behind closed doors, alone but for the two of them, and in the past, the commander had never seen fit to censor himself. Nevertheless, it appeared that Serinus was attempting to process this tragedy of life through the lens of duty and obligation and training specifically. Shayne would not attempt to deflect him from that course. Not yet, anyway. 


Shayne: Granted. 


Serinus: I am ::break:: a perfectionist. And while failure is a universal experience, I spend way too much of my life, my very being, preparing for success. 


Shayne could appreciate that, and he had seen the (usually positive) effects of Serinus’ perfectionism firsthand. Though the Saber class didn’t present the same security risks as a larger vessel, it was still no easy task to keep everything safe, orderly and running smoothly from a protection standpoint, and Serinus had done a brilliant job of it. 


Shayne: And now that there has been some component of failure, you’re reevaluating yourself, your job, your goals. All I can suggest is that you keep in mind that preparation comes in many forms, and to constantly be prepared, you must grow. Adapt. And fail. 


His words, at first glance, contradicted his earlier sentiments. But it was himself he was referring to, as evidence of his point and purpose. 


Serinus: I hadn't thought it that way, Captain. Thank you. I'll 


The commander trailed off, and Shayne understood. 


Shayne: Of course, commander. I’ll be available should you wish to talk about this further. Anything else? 


Serinus: Yes sir, one thing. I have consulted with the Marine squad leader and I will be turning in a cross-training plan for our units to you with, within the next few days.


Shayne smiled smally, pleased to see that the commander was taking his advice and sentiments to heart. Growing closer as a team was more than apt, especially in this moment of distress and regret for fallen men. 


Shayne: Thank you, Commander- I look forward to reviewing it. 


Serinus: Aye, sir.


The chief turned on his heel, and exited the ready room. Shayne sat back, mulling over the conversation. He didn’t feel good- not by any means. Two deaths was a cataclysmic loss in any circumstance. But they could not be brought back to life, and he had a crew to work for. If there was one thing that stood out to him about the conversation…


Shayne: Me giving advice to him for once? Will wonders never cease. 


He looked at the door with ironic affection, before turning his attention to the business of the day. 




Captain Randal Shayne
Commanding Officer

USS Arrow
NCC 69829


Captain Randal Shayne - Bloody Revelations (Link to Original Post)



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