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Ensign Trovek - Not Passive, Just Aggresive

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A brilliant Sim, real showcase of the talents of @Arys and @TLea. Compelling from end to end, and a bit different to normal. Loved every word!

((OOC1: Arys gets a little mean here with her description of the crew and the ship. That’s IC. Promise.))
Trovek: ::annoyed, into the darkness:: Are you still there or did you decide to frack off of leave me here? 
No answer. 
And then, just when she was sure it didn't matter, loneliness washed over Arys, followed by a sense of isolation and disconnection that ripped the breath away from her. 
The Counselor gritted her teeth and halted her movements. Really, she thought, what was wrong with T’Lea? 
Then again, she wasn’t at all surprised that the woman had left her alone here. This ship was full of mentally damaged officers that Starfleet sought to discard here in the Aavaro Wilds. A region of space even Cardassia didn't care about. 
The Captain was incompetent, even for a Bajoran. After all, she had brought them here. 
Sival lacked whatever gene carrier compassion.
Kendrick probably had some kind of brain damage, considering he did not see anything ever.
Then there was that idiot that had thrown himself into the warp core. 
And Tito, who, she thought, should just get over his dumb family’s death. It had been eight years ago, for fracks sake. 
She hated it here, and now she was here alone, in the darkness. 
Oh, she hated Lukin too. It was his fault that she was here. She was sure of it. He had DONE something to her career. And to her. He had made her care about him. He Tricked her into it.
And her grandfather, a stupid old dying person. He shouldn’t have encouraged her to throw her career away and join Starfleet in the first place. 
And then there was T’Lea. The truth was, Arys liked her. No, she corrected herself. She had liked her. They weren’t friends, but their relationship had been efficient and collaborative whenever they did end up in the same room. Now it was as if acid had been poured onto it. 
Trovek: Fine. I’ll just stay here then. Like I give a damn about that ODN conduit. 
Then, finally, T’Lea responded. 
oO Oh. Still here. Isn’t that just great? Oo 
T’Lea:  All you had to do was keep your stupid thoughts under stupid control.  Now, look where we are!  If you don’t know where you’re going, then get your stupid [...] out of my face!  
Her voice echoed down the tunnel, seeming to grow louder rather than the opposite, and Arys could almost taste the disapproval radiating from it. 
Trovek:::sneering:: How about you shut up?
T’Lea: How about I mind-meld you to a hyperspanner. ::she rattled her tool kit:: This is your nightmare, get us out of it!
Trovek: It’s not! This is all you, idiot woman. Now shut up or, believe me, you will look so much beautiful with a broken neck. 
T’Lea snatched the woman’s ankle and held it in place, and Arys panicked, kicking at the Romu-Vulc and smirking in satisfaction when she was pretty sure she managed to kick her in the face. Or maybe that was wishful thinking. 
T’Lea:  Stop!  I don't trust you.  Get out of my way, you pathetic little puke!
Trovek: Let GO of me! This is all your fault, everything is! You and your messed up brain! And this stupid ship!
T’Lea tugged Arys’ leg backward and started to crawl over her, something Arys didn’t appreciate at all. Her mind went blank as she tried to free herself, and panic began to rise as she realized that she wasn’t in a great position for that. T’Lea was so much stronger. Disregarding her Starfleet training in anything even closely resembling conflict resolution, be it physical or otherwise, she grabbed the Commander’s arm and bit her.  
The next thing she knew, they both rolled off an edge and fell two meters down to a connecting tunnel.
oO Ouch. Oo 
The fall had a sobering effect on Arys, and she could taste blood from which she really hoped it was her own. Everything hurt, though her body did not register a specific injury. Arys appreciated the fact that she didn't break anything when a sudden feeling of cold and heaviness expanded in her chest. T'Lea! Just moments ago, Arys had wished her to break her neck. 
The Counselor mumbled out something approximating concern. But her voice came out thick as if it the hatred she had felt moments earlier had corroded it.   
T’Lea:  ::moan::  I think I hit my head.  Are you okay?
Trovek: Yeah. I think so. 
T’Lea:  So, we’re here. ::nodding at the signage in the Jeffries tube:: The ODN conduit is through that hatch.
Arys followed her gaze. At least, she thought, they hadn’t lost any additional time. Or maybe they did. Who really could tell.
Trovek: Good… look I-… I didn’t mean to-... 
T’Lea:  For the record, your [...] isn’t stupid.  ::pause::  It’s quite adequate and aesthetically pleasing.  And I don’t mean that in a sexual way. ::sneer:: Don’t report me for harassment.
Trovek: Right. And you already look beautiful, without a broken neck. Not in a sexual way either. Like art. I’m so sorry I bit you.  
She sighed and took a few deep and calming breaths. They had managed to escape another hallucination. No one was dead or injured. All in all, a good outcome.
T’Lea:  What was that vision back there?  Was it a cave? 
Arys thought back to the passageway they had found themselves in and shook her head. Anger bubbled up inside her chest. She did not want to cause further problems and decided to come clean. 
Trovek: It was a nightmare I had a few weeks ago. I felt trapped and ::she sighed:: really angry. It was like a dark tunnel with no end. 
T’Lea:  response
Trovek: A few weeks ago-… ugh. I was waiting for my assignment. I was sure I would get to return to the USS Saint Raphael. It would have been perfect too - close to Earth, and the Captain is friends with my father. It makes things easier. ::She sighed:: Well, long story short, I met someone at the Starbase I spent my time on in between graduating and the first assignment. He’s an ambassador. Cardassian. And while we were having dinners, my assignment first got delayed and eventually changed to the Juneau. 
T’Lea: response
Trovek: I mean, I don’t have proof, and I don’t quite know why, but I was so sure that he had something to do with it. So yeah. None of this has been… ideal so far :: she paused, then decided to snap out of it:: Let’s get ODN conduit sorted. I would rather not fantasize about strangling you again.
This time around, Arys let the Commander lead the way. It seemed the most intelligent decision Arys had made in the past few hours. She followed along, hesitating, as she heard a giggle behind her. Probably her imagination. She shook her head and continued. 
The moment the hatch opened, it was like they had entered another world. They found themselves in a room where warm light streamed through a window and illuminated walls painted in soft colors. The room smelled of something resembling the Terran spices vanilla and cinnamon, and it was filled with plushies of any shape or size that a child could wish for. Some shelves featured additional toys and various sources of candy. In the center of the room stood a large, semi-opened pastel crate, with the words "OND Conditt" written on it. At a glance, it looked like it contained candy strings. 
Arys: Hi. 
Perched on a chair on the other side of the room, a little girl looked at T’Lea. She must be around five years old, perhaps a little younger. The child's jet-black hair was braided into two pigtails, and her bright blue eyes sparkled in wonder as she regarded the Commander. She seemed human, although her mildly-ridged nose hinted at Bajoran heritage.
Arys: You look nice. Like an evil princess. ::She regarded the Counselor next:: You look like a nice princess. I like evil ones better.
T’Lea: response
Trovek: ::to T'Lea:: You can definitely blame this one on me. 
The girl's heart-shaped face brightened as she observed the Romu-Vulc, tilting her head from side to side. 
Arys: I’m Arys. Can we play? Tee and I have been waiting here all this time. You are so slow. 
Ensign Trovek Arys 
USS Juneau 
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I was just about to post this sim. Ahhh good times. :D   I laughed for a good minute at this reply though.

T’Lea:  For the record, your [...] isn’t stupid.  ::pause::  It’s quite adequate and aesthetically pleasing.  And I don’t mean that in a sexual way. ::sneer:: Don’t report me for harassment.
Trovek: Right. And you already look beautiful, without a broken neck. Not in a sexual way either. Like art. I’m so sorry I bit you.  


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