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Lt. Cmdr. Iefyr Farrel - This Time, For The Last Time

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Ship went boom, BUT, kudos to @Genkos Adea for giving us not the blaze of glory we deserved, but the one we absolutely needed 😌





((Bridge, Deck One, USS Resolution))


Iefyr ran her short fingers through the tangled and ratty remains of what had started the day as a fairly messy bun. Why was it whenever she was the commanding bridge officer, it all went completely to crap? She was seriously starting to feel cursed.


First of all, she wasn’t even supposed to be here - she was supposed to be in her office doing science and ignoring any contact with people; just the way she liked it. But noooooo, their acting captain had to send off a bunch of away teams and meet a visiting dignitary. And who did that leave to take on bridge duties? Old muggins here. 


She sat at the helm, piloting the ship further and further away from Rinascita station and the cluster of escape pods that were drifting in the Resolution’s wake. Not that ships had wakes in space, but still. 


She cursed herself for a fool, the Betazoid doctor and the entire crew. Why had she so nobly decided to stay behind to guide the ship out of range of the pods when she could just have easily ordered an ensign to do it?


Certainly it wasn’t from a mistaken sense of pride or because she thought the Captain ought to go down with their ship. For a start she wasn’t the damned Captain, he was in an escape pod far off the back of the ship.


It probably came down to what the First Officer had told her in her last evaluation; that she had real trouble delegating. To which she had snarkily replied that she couldn’t trust anyone else to do it properly. To which MacKenzie had arched one of those perfect eyebrows of hers and stated that was probably why she was only “Acting” Chief of Science. Ieyfr had bit back her tongue at that point; she had really wanted to point out that she hadn’t won a Zee-Magnees Prize for Acting Chemistry.


But still, she hadn’t delegated and now she was going to die.


Either from whatever it was that was generating frankly obscene levels of energy in the transporter room; it looked fit to burst, or from the impact when the Resolution crashed into that asteroid.


She lowered the nose of the ship down towards the rocky planetoid - it was truly massive, well suited for a crash landing, if the ship hadn’t also been about to explode. The ship started to judder and shake and she was flung from her chair to the floor.


For a long moment, all she could experience was two emotions. The first was a seething rage at everything she hadn’t done, that she hadn’t achieved. She was furious at the universe for letting her go out this way, and she beat a curled fist against the carpeted floor.


As the asteroid grew bigger and bigger in the viewscreen, the second emotion started to take over; fear. She had no idea what to expect after the impact - she was a scientist not a theologian. She had no concept of life after death or even what that might entail. And so she was frightened. What if this is life is all there is? A sheer primal terror seized her in her final moments as the asteroid loomed ever closer.


And after fear… 







Lieutenant Commander Iefyr Farrel

Acting Chief of Science

USS Resolution

Simmed by


Lieutenant Commander Genkos Adea MD

Second Officer & Chief Medical Officer

USS Resolution




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