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Act Now: The Federation’s Failing Security

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In his latest column, Lixa Dansha examines whether the Federation Security is fit for purpose in the light of growing threats to the Sol System.

On 239807.16, a pirate ship penetrated the Sol System and reached Jupiter. They were able to avoid disaster thanks to the operations of the USS Endeavour when pirates attempted to plunder the colonies of Europa. The courageous crew of the Endeavour stopped them, but it is still disturbing that any ship could travel that deep into Federation Core Territory without injury.

Have we not learned from the synth massacre on Mars, which is still raging today? Wouldn’t someone be able to find a ship for hours by using Starfleet Command’s defence arrays? Despite this, it took a week for a “routine communications blackout” in the Federation’s home system to be examined.

This is an unforgivable lapse, and while Starfleet Command, the Earth Government, and the Federation are all conducting separate investigations, it is yet another evidence of a deteriorating Federation, one that is less able and willing to defend its people from harm, even in core space.

I, for one, am outraged by this, and I believe you should write to your local Assemblymember and demand genuine action and reform. Stop sending ships across the border if we can’t even guard our own. And, while I believe we should pursue our lofty aims of exploration and discovery, they must not come at the expense of our own citizens’ security and prosperity.

If we wish to achieve both, we will need to strengthen Starfleet’s defence capabilities, as recommended by Assembly Member Allen Faymouth of Auriga Prime. With the ongoing influx in new ships, many of which are designed to replace older ships, we need adequate nodal assistance to avoid this intrusion from reoccurring someplace else, with much worse consequences.

We need to act immediately before a tragedy occurs.

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