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Cadet Solomon Gilbert - That was the end of Solomon Gilbert


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((Hidden City, Darime IV))
There was a faint whirring sound as the light drew closer, a distinctly mechanical sound. As it got even closer Solomon was forced to close his eyes, it was simply to bright. Then the sound ceased, and a moment later the light vanished. Cautiously Solomon lowered his hands and opened his eyes. 
It was a sphere, roughly the size of his head, and glowing with a much softer light now. It was hovering a few meters in front of them, perfectly still and featureless, yet Solomon had the distinct feeling it was watching him somehow.
Gilbert: ::Very quietly:: What’s it doing?
Isaacs: ::Low,:: Nothing. It scanned you and then... stopped.
Ico: Don't move Sol, it will eventually move away.
He didn’t, and neither did the sphere, it simply floated, buzzing quietly and glowing faintly.
Isaacs: Maybe we should try to communicate with it. We could use Ico’s tricorder to transmit the standard greetings?
Ressan: ::Whispering,:: Good idea.
Ico: ::nodding:: I-I, I can try. ::She looked up from the tricorder and looked at Sol's face and tried to pull together a reassuring smile.:: Maybe if I can find a band where it broadcasts more stable patterns then....
As she spoke, the buzz changed pitch, rising into a low growl. It was a rather irritating noise, one which found its way into the ear and shook everything loose. Solomon raised a hand to his ear, trying to work the sound out of his head. As she did so, a section of the sphere irised open. There was a flash, then it irised closed again and vanished.
An intense feeling of cold radiated out of Solomon’s chest. Looking down he saw a curl of blue smoke rising from a hole in his chest, carrying with it the smell of melted fabric and charred flesh...his flesh.
He heard a distant scream as he fell to his knees. Before he could topple over backward he felt hands grabbing him, easing him down as he struggled to breathe. He could taste blood on his tongue...his blood
Isaacs: Hey, hey, you’re okay. We’ve got you.
Gilbert: D...don’t...don’t lie to me...I’m n...not okay...there...is a hole...in my...chest.
He coughed, blood leaking from his mouth, talking was hard when you were missing half your chest. With a long groan he craned his head around to find the other cadets. Ena was on her knees, openly weeping, Jack was standing, trying to act stoic and strong, but there were tears in his eyes too. 
Ressan: We feed the plants, the plants feeds us. Death's kiss is merely a change of state. Nothing taken, nothing lost. We shall see you soon, Cadet Solomon.
Ico: Raka-ja ut shala morala... ema bo roo kana... uranak... ralanon Solomon... propeh va nara ehsuk shala-kan vunek...
Their voices were faint, as though they were speaking to him from miles away. He smiled and extended a shaky hand toward them. They were praying for him. That was sweet. Nobody had ever been that sweet to him before.
Gilbert: Don’t weep...Jack...keep them out of danger...Ena...keep them safe...Ryan...get them out of here...d...don’t weep...I...I think...I will sleep...see you on th...th...the oth...oth...other...ssssside…
With a final rattling breath his outstretched hand fell to the ground and his eyes glazed over.
And that was the end of Solomon Gilbert.
Cadet Solomon Gilbert
4th Year Cadet
Starfleet Academy
Simmed by
Lieutenant Piravao sh’Qynallahr
Security Officer
USS Gorkon
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