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USS Juneau makes first contact with a sentient city during rescue operation on Ring 42 biomes

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AAVARO WILDS — The USS Juneau (NX-99801) went to the USS Grace Hopper’s help when some of its officers inexplicably vanished while investigating a freshly found Biome of Ring 42.

The last time FNS reported on a crisis in the Aavaro Wilds, it was about missing officers from the USS Grace Hopper, which had been researching a recently found abandoned city. Since then, we’ve discovered that all of the officers were recovered alive and well, and are recovering from their experience.

According to reliable reports, the century-old city of Deolia appeared to have some sentience and depends on its former residents for mutual existence. The arrival of Starfleet unintentionally awoke the uninhabited City. The City injected the officers with a special bio-tech that allowed it to telepathically express its specific requirements, coercing them into assisting it in waking up. The City began to take electricity from other biomes, but its primary objective was the USS Grace Hopper, putting the ship in danger.

The USS Juneau was able to understand and respond to a soundwave communication from the City. Nonetheless, it took force to release the Grace Hopper from a crippling power drain.

The officers later discovered that the City was urgently attempting to save the last of its people who were imprisoned in a malfunctioning stasis pod. They were the last of their genderless species, named Ix’O, and one of the original Caretakers of the City. Centuries ago, the inhabitants of Deolia fell into a cycle known as The Great Sleep, from which they never awakened. Except for one, they were all lost. Fortunately, the hardy species reproduce by a type of mitosis, which the Caretaker was striving to finish when they were found.

A coordinated rescue effort including staff from both ships was successful in relocating the defective pod holding this individual to the Grace Hopper and assisting with its propagation process. We are happy to announce that the Caretaker is still alive and well, and that it is no longer the lone survivor of its kind. More of the city’s natural citizens are likely to return as the mitotic cycle continues. They will round out the unique symbiotic interaction with this amazing technological-organic biome.

Perhaps in a few months, Deolia will be restored to its former grandeur on Ring 42, and we will discover the complete history of this wonderful City and its people.

Furthermore, a device discovered from Lightside Station’s Mega-deck was Deolia’s stolen property. The technology was smuggled into the holodeck and was used to converse telepathically with the holograms and vice versa. The stolen technology has subsequently been reintegrated into Deolia by its Caretakers, completing the telepathic link between the people of this City.


Written by T’Lea

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