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Amity's best and brightest quotes


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  • 2 weeks later...

Kivik: There’s a leisure Holodeck - hopefully no murderous energy beings in that one,

I certainly hope not!

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We had murderous energies in the last one... which we all collectively broke!

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Wong: That was our therapy targ, Princess. She’s really good with our patients and keeps them calm. But… ::Sniffling:: I’m allergic to targs. But I’m willing to take that hit if it helps our patients. I have an antihistamine back at my office. Once I have that, I’ll be right as rain.

Corelli: Therapy Targ? Remind me, perhaps, not to request that on the Thor.

Corelli raises his brows and shot a look at Del, who raised his palms in mock surrender.

del Vedova: That's Brodie's area, but I don't think he's in any hurry to add any more new crew members.
Del frowned slightly as he spoke, because he was remembering the most recent pet brought back by a crew member: Katsim's bonded "dragon." So maybe Del didn't know when Brodie might show up with a targ.
del Vedova: I'll advise against it.

Now I know what I need to request over on the Thor. 😄

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added more of the quote!
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With the speed of a ninja, Wil picked up a sausage with his tongs before placing them on a waiting piece of bread.  Next went the onion, followed squirt of tomato sauce.  With his free hand, he picked up the bread corner to corner before handing it to the human woman.

Ukinix: I’m Lieutenant Commander Wil Ukinix, barbeque chef.  I also moonlight at Starfleet attaché and First Officer of Amity.  It’s lovely to meet you.





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Teller:  I'm given to understand your birthday is coming up, Mr. Ukinix.  I realize this is a bit abrupt but as our time here is brief, I thought we might work a bit of celebrating into our day.  =/\= Teller to Reade.  Energize. =/\= 

In front of the group materialised Scotty, along with a gravsled that had something built on top of it, in the shape of a Starfleet delta.  Wil’s mouth began turning into a smile when he saw beer taps, stools, and pedals.  The lights around the bottom of the grav sled glowed. The polished metallic bar was topped off with several umbrellas above them.  In the middle of the Starfleet delta was another stool, with a console in front of it – obviously for the driver of the vehicle.

Teller:  Happy Birthday, Knackers.  Mr. Reade and I thought you might get bored, tired and dehydrated from walking around this big space station of yours and applied the fine art of engineering to the problem.  Frankly, I think it's some of my finest work.  So, who wants to hop on and float this thing down the Grand Mezzanine with me?  The beer's cold and the pedaling is optional.   

Wil’s jaw dropped so much that it was almost on the floor. His expression turned into a huge wide-mouthed smile, so wide that a Galaxy class starship could have coasted into it.

Ukinix:  You built me… a hoverpub!… for my birthday?!


With a strut, Mr Teller walked over and stepped up onto the base of the vehicle.  He seemed to admire his and Scotty’s handywork, before turning to look back at Wil. 


Teller:  You'll also be happy to know it has been fitted with a rather robust sound system.  You'll be able to share your love of ancient terran geology music with a whole new quadrant.  Mr. Reade, what else did we cram into this thing?  Oh and can I pour anyone a beer?  Because I'm suddenly finding myself quite parched.

Wil couldn’t find the words to express his surprise, gratitude, and delight.  Instead, he simply offered Ensign Reade a hand to shake, before pulling him closer and slapping him on his back, to say “thank you”.  After that, he raced over to Geoff who was sitting on a stool, pouring beer into empty glasses from one of the taps connected to the Starfleet delta shaped bar.  Wil wrapped his arms around the little man, and squeezed him tight with a hug. 


Ukinix: You bloody legends.  Thank you.  This is the best birthday present ever.  Even more so given I didn’t even realise my birthday is coming up!

Good Work Mr.Teller. I think Wil was super happy. @Geoffrey Teller @Wil Ukinix

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Kelrod: I love you, I want to be part of your life, I want you to be part of mine, now and for as long as we are alive.

Petras: Kel… I love you… I want to be with you… You’re the first male I have ever had such a bond with… ::slowly she held out two fingers to him in the Vulcan manner:: A true bond, despite how much of a bonehead you are.


Jalya Petras is not one to be messed with!

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  • 1 month later...

Okay. As a board game nerd, I really loved this scene. See if you can guess what game this is!


Back at the Poseidon Mining Rig, Tyler Carcetti was growing ever frustrated at his crew. With their operations suspended until the Ambassador and the Diplomatic Corps resolved the issue about these creatures, there was little for the miners to do but equipment maintenance and playing tabletop and card games to pass the time.
Thompkins: Okay, if I fly to Vulcan, I can meet with Jones and give him my Vulcan card. Then he can get to Andor and turn them in at the research station for the cure.
Jones: That's assuming you don't draw another epidemic card.
Thompkins: We just had an epidemic card two rounds ago. What are the chances?
Tyler looked over, half-interested, as Thompkins and the others sat at the dining table and drew the card. A loud eruption of groans burst out as an epidemic card was drawn.
Jones: You bloody idiot!
Thompkins: That's impossible! Who designed this game?
Jones: Pretty morbid topic, too, if you ask me...


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