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Shrunken crew and civilians get kidnapped, cause mayhem before rescue

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STARBASE 118 OPS — The abducted, shrunken, but far from helpless Starfleet crew staged a spectacular escape, causing havoc for the pirates who had captured them.

After being kidnapped by pirates, officers who had been left untouched on Ops immediately gathered to pursue those who had been kidnapped. Following a briefing, Commodore Sal Taybrim commandeered the USS Narendra (NCC-26595) and headed out to chase a ship known as “The Drowning Band,” which was accused of theft and kidnapping. When they caught up to the pirate ship, the captain promptly dismissed their diplomatic efforts.

“The Commodore attempted to obtain entry using more polite ways, but Captain Farrow promptly dismissed them,” Kherys Harper, a medical cadet chosen to accompany the rescue operation, stated. “But I could sense he was keeping something from me.”

Unfazed by the captain’s dismissal, sources stated that the rescuers used the older ships’ systems cycle to get two small away teams onto the vessel. Both immediately discovered members of their team as well as other kidnapped people.

As upsetting as the events were for those who helped in the rescue, they were much more upsetting for the victims.

“This simply goes to show you,” Ensign Isaiah Andrews told reporters following the event. “There is seldom anything positive that comes from attending an event when you are required to wear a tie. Except for the buffet, that is. And the bar. Unleashed lizards are also a hazard. It’s just wrong to allow those monsters roam free.”

Some officers stayed to defend people, while others took up the task of outwitting their captors.

“It was all a little perplexing; it felt like we were being carried to the other side, but instead we were captured by pirates. We were able to send out a signal due to Lieutenant Prudence Blackwell.”

“After fleeing, we almost made it to the orb, but they grabbed us a second time. When you’re barely a few inches tall, you’re inconveniently sluggish… Then you wind up marrying your Gorn crewmate in a knock-off bridal gown. It was all extremely strange. Unbelievable and surreal. However, when dealing with something as enigmatic as a Bajoran Orb, you might anticipate encountering as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Lieutenant JG Ashley Yael, Ops’ counsellor, made a remark, then added after a brief pause. “If you ever get the chance to ride a cat, I highly recommend investing in a good saddle.”

When queried about the marriage, Major Tatash, the Gorn in question, said, “It’s not legally binding.” He then ranted about how blue is a bad colour for a Gorn.

Between sending out signals and riding cats, as well as battling vacuum bots and lizards, sources mentioned another team blinded a pirate in one eye while yet a fourth group somehow disabled the shields and disconnect engineering from the bridge which allowed Taybrim and the crew of the Narendra to take control of the pirate ship and rescue the miniaturized people.


Written by Alora DeVeau

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