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LtCmdr Kinan Venroe, "One is the loneliest number."

Wil Ukinix

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There was a plan at the start of our "Fissure" Veritas mission to have Kinan Venroe, written by @Blake, Tristam Core, as the love interest for Wil Ukinix.  At the end of the mission, they finally got to spend some time together.  The sentiment of this sim is beautiful and heart warming.


((Officer's Mess))

Kinan: What are we doing, Wil?

Soon, Veritas would go in for a refit. It may be up to Kinan where Lt Commander Ukinix ended up next. That was Kinan's job: personnel officer. When resources were assigned to the Shoals, she forwarded them to where they needed them. She had two ships worth of people she had to arrange, and she wasn't sure whether Veritas' current crew would be part of that list.

Ukinix: Um- ::pondering, before gesturing to bottle::  We’re drinking wine?  I’m clearly flirting with you-

Kinan: Work gets in the way of these things. You are amazing. you are talented, you're sweet, funny and just... you. ::she sighs:: I usually need to be five steps ahead of... everything. I guess I need... a name for what this is.

Ukinix: ::more pondering, slight blush:: - it’s an impromptu date.  I was looking forward to catching up with you and then, you know, that whole mine collapse thing happened.  I mean, I dunno, are you ::squinting eyes slightly:: okay with that?

She twirls her glass a little, referring to her symbiont.

Kinan:: :with a smile:: Venroe's lived three half-lifetimes, including my own. You'd think with all that language, I'd be able to define things on my own. ::pause:: Venroe hasn't met someone like you before, though. I think that's special.

Once again, Wil chuckled quietly.

Ukinix: Flattery will get you everywhere.  Both of you. ::Slight squint:: Wait, what’d I just say?

He leaned forward, pouring more wine into her glass. She responded with a coy smile.

Kinan: Nothing I haven't asked myself.

Ukinix: I’m not good at expressing myself sometimes, I’ll be honest and say that I get tied up in knots when I get interested in someone, and even more so when they are interested in me.  That’s my way of saying I like you.

Kinan's eyes sparkle.

Kinan: That's a good way.

Ukinix: I know nothing is certain in Starfleet.  Veritas is going to need a refit, who knows where I’m going to end up, maybe out of The Shoals.  You know that better than I do.

Wil held out his hand to Kinan... and she takes it.

Ukinix: I just witnessed 20-odd miners and two of my fellow crewmates being rescued out of a kilometres deep mine.  5 people down there didn’t make it.  ::Chewing bottom lip for a moment::  We shouldn’t let Starfleet get in the way of living our life.  ::Slight smile:: Or lives in your case.

oO I don't want to say no. Oo

Venroe's experience lived in the background. It was a long life, with experiences of love, curiosity, tradegy, and a little more. The point was to continue experiencing, with all the complications life brought. 

It wasn't that Kinan had been hiding from that -- not really. But she had expected life to repeat itself. 

Seated across from her was an anomaly of a man, unlike whoever she'd met before. That was special. 

With her other hand, Kinan brings her glass up and taps it against his.

Kinan: To living life, with pleasant company. And to many more dates in future.





LtCmdr Kinan Venroe

Personnel Officer

Cait Spacedock


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