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USS Thor triumphant in Starfleet wargame simulation

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CHIN’TOKA SYSTEM — The USS Thor (NCC-82607) has emerged victorious over the USS Nashira and her veteran commander, the celebrated Commodore Ossa V’Airu in a Starfleet tactical exercise whimsically codenamed “The Mugato vs. The Bunnicorn.”

According to Starfleet Operations, the purpose of the drill was to put both warships through their paces in conditions designed to simulate actual conflict.

“Inertial dampeners are designed to simulate weapons impacts, sometimes with pyrotechnic results. Systems can and will fail just as if it damaged them and will not come back online until the computer predicts the work could be completed,” shared Lieutenant Commander Kevan O’Rourke of Starfleet Operations this background information with us exclusively. “Crews were cut down to skeleton size and randomized between the two vessels, significantly levelling the playing field and creating additional pressure for all involved. We’re expecting to see some very interesting data!”

The stress aboard both ships was everything but simulated, with some crew members aboard a new ship and others abruptly thrust into senior responsibilities. Lieutenant JG Anton Richards, who was just promoted but was temporarily serving as the Thor’s tactical officer, reported a multifaceted experience.

“It was an interesting mission for sure,” Richards mentioned. “I never expected it to be that intense. But considering the experience of the Commander, I am not sure what I expected. It will be nice to be reunited with the other members of the crew.”

Recently transferred to the Thor, Lieutenant JG Kizanna Reid kept her thoughts on the encounter succinct, “That little ship (The Nashira – ed) was frustrating but we won out in the end.”

“This whole thing has been an invaluable experience in both building confidence and the development of tactics.” Major Wes Greaves, serving as Nashira’s acting first officer, took a great deal away from the exercise. “There were some crazy stunts we pulled on the Nashira that I never would have tried in a real fight unless I was backed into a corner. We really got a chance to let loose and innovate out there. Some of it worked, some of it didn’t, but everyone on that bridge came away as a better officer.”

Both the Thor and the Nashira are currently on their way to neighbouring Starbase 375, where the Thor will be welcomed back by commanding officer Aron Kells.


Written by Geoffrey Teller

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