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Nan Bacco begins 30-planet lecture tour promoting her new book

Federation News Service

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CESTUS III — Former president Nan Bacco embarked on a six-month tour of the Federation this week, coinciding with the publication of New Blood, New Ideas, the first volume of her memoirs.

“It seems right to begin this voyage here since it is where all of my adventures have begun,” Bacco said of her home planet, as she began the tour at Pike City Public Library. “Everything I have done in public, everything I’ve achieved, I owe to the spirit and ideals of this humble, extraordinary, and remarkable Cestus III.”

The former president spoke for about 90 minutes about her early life and entry into politics, answered questions from the audience, and signed souvenir printed copies of her book before departing Cestus III aboard the USS Churchill.

The ambitious speaking agenda will see Bacco criss-cross the Federation with stops at 30 planets, including Aurelia, Bajor, Earth, Pacifica, and Vulcan. According to Catrin Key, public relations manager for the tour, over 75% of scheduled dates have already sold out, and venues on Berengaria and Risa have added additional dates to meet the demand.

“The lecture tour is intended to bring the life of Nan Bacco into three dimensions,” said Key. “People know the public persona—the politician, the head of state—but very few people know Nan Bacco the person.”

Nan Bacco has had a modest public presence since leaving the Palais de la Concorde five years ago. She rarely speaks on current political problems and makes few public appearances, as is customary for past presidents. Political analysts saw Bacco’s biography and lecture tour as an effort by her to move into a new career as an elder stateswoman.

“This is fairly common with former officeholders,” said Professor Emil Arbelaez, chair of the Political Science department at Pike City University. “Bacco has waited a respectable amount of time to allow her successor to stamp her mark on the office. Now that she has the freedom to talk freely, I believe many in the Federation will be interested in hearing what she has to say.”

Bacco presided over the Federation’s greatest period of prominence and position as an Alpha Quadrant power, from 2379 until 2393. Her tenure, however, was not without controversy. Under Bacco’s presidency, the Federation faced through Gorn and Vaadwaur incursions into its territory, the aftermath of the Hobus supernova, and the Federation Transport Union strike of 2392, which dominated the last year of her presidency.

The memoir and lecture tour concentrates on her life prior to and including her term as governor of Cestus III, so listeners wanting to hear tales about her time as head of state may be disappointed. However, according to Bacco’s public relations staff, a second memoir may be released soon after the first.

“The former president has experiences and stories to fill many volumes,” said Key.

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