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Ensign Trovek Arys - Change is scary, so are new people


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Okay, I just couldn't resist. This was an absolutely delightful and funny introduction sim from our new Counselor! Great start! 


(( Lightside Station - Starlight Market ))

Once Arys found herself on Lightside Station she couldn’t help but regret not being here for recreational purposes. She had visited the angry jellyfish that was Deep Space Nine and found some appreciation for the Cardassian aesthetic, but this was entirely different. There were large open spaces and botanical gardens, restaurants, gambling establishments, nightclubs, theatres.. a spa… There even was an authentic Irish Pub with real food. Should she not make it in Starfleet, she would settle down here. A small private practise close to one of the gardens.

oO Great Arys, you haven’t even started Plan A and are already thinking about Plan B. How about you go and find your ship before plotting your exit strategy. And try not to get lost. Oo 

Arys hated to admit it, but there was a good chance she already was lost. She wandered through Starlight Market and every now and then forgot what she was looking for, and entered one of the shops instead. This time she found herself entering a softly lit establishment that smelled of foreign herbs and spices. At the back of the shop was a wooden counter where a small older woman smiled kindly at her. A cup of tea and half an hours worth of conversation later, Arys was directed to Deck 423 and made her way to where she hoped to find her new crew. 

oO I haven’t seen a single Starfleet Uniform so far, or I could just ask them.. with my luck this is the wrong Lightside Station. Or I got the wrong assignment. Or I missed them because I had tea… ::She rolled her eyes at her own thoughts:: Ooooor they are not in uniform. Since you’re not in uniform either. Now stop being a weirdo. oO

She sighed and very subtly followed a brown haired human who looked like he was headed into the same direction. Surely enough, he eventually approached a large crowd gathering around a pavilion, and Arys watched him greet and smile at others before getting something to eat. Good strategy. 

oO Just smile and nod, I guess. These are a LOT of people.. I found seventy hard to deal with. How many people does the Juneau actually have on board? Five hundred? Seven hundred? Either way the number seemed a lot less intimidating when it had just been that - a number, and not all those new faces. Oo 

It was a bit of a relief when she noticed people smile and nod at her. Someone even offered a ‘great to see you again’. Which was amusing since she was pretty sure that she had never seen this person before, and she concluded that smiling, nodding, and blending in was an appropriate way of handling the situation. 

Deciding that her new life as a stalker wasn’t something she wanted to give up yet, she decided to approach the human she had been following as he introduced himself to a man and woman. 

Kendrick: My name is John by the way. John Kendrick.

Qinn: response

Falt: response

Arys: I apologise for hijacking your introductions. My name is Arys,  I’ve just been assigned to the Juneau, and I don’t know anyone here yet. ::She smiled a lot more confidently than she actually felt:: It is however very nice to meet you. 

Kendrick: response

Qinn: response

Falt: response

Arys: I believe I am supposed to report to Lieutenant Commander T’Lea. Would you be able to point me into the right direction?

Kendrick: response

Qinn: response

Falt: response


Ensign Trovek Arys 
USS Juneau 


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