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Lt. Commander Jona ch'Ranni - The One Where He Paints A Tunnel On The Wall And Gets Hit By A Truck


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This.. just this. Action, humour and splendid described images. Nice work @Jona ch'Ranni !



((Natural Cavern, Darime Underground))

The team of three had made their way into a natural cavern that forked off the newer tunnel construction dug by the Pelian surveyors. The vaulted ceiling and walls were littered with an impressive display of mineral ore veins and crystal patches.
ch'Ranni: The rock and crystal formations are amazing here.
He pointed to a yellowish patch of geometric crystalline growth on one passing stalagmite with his hand torch. It flashed and glittered in the beam of light with an almost internal glow.
ch'Ranni: I saw some of this crystal in the ceiling of the main cavern.
Tan: ::Softly,:: This is beautiful.
Vossti: Response
ch'Ranni: Record and sample everything. There's no telling what data the Pelian researchers may find useful.
Vossti: Response
Tan: Aye, Commander.
As the two worked, Jona took a step back and spun on his heel. He made it only a few steps before his left foot found only air instead of solid ground. His arms pinwheeled backwards in an attempt to regain solid footing as the maw of the deep crevasse loomed before him.
ch'Ranni: ::calling out:: Whoa! Watch out!
As gravity became his worst nemesis, he slowly pitched forward, losing his vain fight to maintain his footing.
Tan: ::from behind:: Jona!
For what felt like seconds, but was logically much shorter, Jona felt like he hung motionless over the deep maw before its pitch dark tendrils pulled him down. A hilarious (it would be hilarious in any other circumstance) image flashed in his mind of an animation series he watched as a younglings where an anthropomorphic Gralaa wolf attempted to chase a Zabathu but always came up short in his endeavors. The poor wolf was always falling from great heights but somehow managed to survive. Jona wasn't so sure he'd have the same fate.
Vossti: Response
Just as he was about to disappear into the sheer ravine, he felt a hand grasp at his left ankle. It had to be Serren - the man who had stuck with him through bar hopping and shenanigans, the man who was the most important person in his life in this second. 
Tan: ::grunting,:: I got you!
While Serren's desperate grip was keeping him from certain doom, it could do little to stop the laws of physics. The Andorian's momentum carried him forward in an arc and his face slammed into the crevasse's rockface below Serren's feet. There was something thoroughly unpleasant about dangling upside down in the blackness of a kilometer deep cave.
ch'Ranni: ::with a nervous comedic quip:: Ouch. I just kissed a cave and I think I liked it.
Vossti: Response
Jona could hear Seren speaking in a clipped, serious tone - different from his usual light - and providing direction to the only one of them that could give an extra assistance.
Tan: Vossti. Rope in my bag. Tie it off on a strong-looking crystal, or use a climbing piton if you can't find one. Just anchor it. Commander, do you think you can put on a climbing harness upside down? Or freeclimb a rope?
Vossti: Response
ch'Ranni: Yeah, I think I can.
As he waited for the safety equipment to be passed down, he noticed he was still gripping his torch tightly in his hand. It was amazing that he still held it. Though, in the moment, he mused it was probably evenly split on whether a person involuntarily gripped an object in terror or chucked it away in surprise.
He shone the beam of light above his head and spotted a hidden ledge about twenty meters below. And there was a light source casting a dim glow outward.
ch'Ranni: How's that harness coming?
Tan/Vossti: Response
ch'Ranni: No rush. Hey, Serren, thanks for not skipping the upper body routine last week when I tried to get you to go to the holodeck with me.
Tan: Response


Chief of Operations
USS Gorkon (NCC-82293)
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