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I Don't Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry -- Memorable Moments Aboard the USS Chintoka

Anjar Thoran

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And this is why I absolutely love reading sims from @Valin Dermont ... 😂 The internal monologue and his snark are just so funny to me....


oO Oh, lookie, I'll need ta make sure the plasma conduits are properly calibrated. The feedback o' tying the tractor beam straight inta the core...power's gonna be shootin' all over the place.  No issues about life inside o' stars concernin' this 'ere engineer... Oo

and this one...


Dermont did snort a bit at that comment.  As if anyone on board was going to be able to rest for the next four days.

and yet another in the same sim ...



He glanced over at Ral's station.  The lad had multiple screens going, likely running all sorts of mathematical computations about probes and tractor outputs and warp core detonations.  He and Levinson...a pair of geniuses, really.

oO I'd say they only let geniuses join Starfleet but they let me in, eh?  So evidence ta the contrary! Oo


and yet one more...



This should be interesting.  They had graduated from not knowing for sure anything is possible, to definitely knowing some things just weren't possible.  And maybe some certain things might be possible.  Maybe.  

oO Captain should be thrilled. Oo



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