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Ensign Kammus Corelli: It is finished.

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OOC: I really enjoyed this insight into one of our newer members.  Good job @Kammus Corelli!


(USS Nashira, Main Engineering, Deck 6)


Kammus stood in the chief engineers’ office, as music  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOoe8K1yj50  played, and filled the air with a somber reminder of the mission.  27 PADDs were stacked in different piles on the desk, and Kammus watched the damage control teams, system engineers, and repair personnel work diligently on the problems caused by pushing the Nashira beyond all limits.

Finn popped his head in, leaning more than walking, as if to signify he was busy, but wanted a quick word.

Finn: What is that noise…?

Corelli: Es Ist Vollbracht. It is finished. Bach.

Finn: I’m more of an Orion Thrash Punk kind of guy.

Corelli: Something I can help you with?

Finn: Just to report, console repairs have been completed, Paket is having issues with some of the plasma conduits on deck 2. We’ll get it soon enough.

Corelli: Copy, carry on.

After a time of thinking, he moved to the turbolift, and traveled down to Deck 8 surveying the repair of the antimatter containment systems.  From a nearby window, he saw Starbase 375 grow ever larger, as the ship dropped out of warp, and align for docking.  

Jadin Wills approached; she had been placed in charge of the final antimatter systems adjustments.

Wills: All under control here, sir. Secondary antimatter containment pod will need replaced, scheduled for 4 days maintenance. We’ll be on dock power so it’s a good thing we’ve got shore leave coming up! Right? We do have leave?

Corelli: Yes, you have leave. I will remain on board.

Wills: You’re not taking leave? Surely you want to get off this oversized shuttle?

Corelli: (Raising eyebrows) Let us not speak ill of our assignments.

Wills: Sorry sir, I’ll get back to work.

Kammus  returned to his quarters just as the ship docked with the station.  The room lights dimmed as internal power was switched to external support and the docking gangway tunnels extended.  He unzipped his uniform top, took a deep breath, and relaxed for a moment.   Presently his desk display chimed and he ran over, pushed the button, only to see Aiya’s face, bright and cheerful.

Corelli: You're not dirty? Did you skip work?

Aiya: Hey, Parrises Squares, 10 minutes, we entered a tournament!

Corelli: We you, or we me?

Aiya: You can come watch and cheer me on!

Corelli:  Cheer?

Kammus contorted his body, raising one hand above his head, and placing the other on his hips, mocking.

Aiya: I hate you. You don’t have any other friends! What are you gonna do? Sulk by the warp core?

Corelli: The warp core doesn’t  try to take my clothes off just because I’m Deltan every moment of the day.

Aiya: Oh… (beat), probably best if you don’t go into a room full of a hundred strangers.

Corelli: Might turn into another type of tournament!  ::They both laugh::  I will be fine, plenty of work here to do, and someone has to supervise the repairs.

Aiya: You’re not the chief engineer.

Corelli: They don’t have a chief engineer!

Aiya: Fine.  BYEeeeee!

The channel closed, and Kammus was once again left alone with his thoughts.  He mashed the button on the display.

//Personal Log, Stardate 239809.2

The Nashira performed well. We pushed these systems well beyond their specified design limit. I will have to re-write some of them. The crew is an interesting group, I will have to be less technical around some of them, which is a shame. We have put in at Starbase 375 for repairs, and since the ship currently has no chief engineer, I have elected to remain on board and supervise, in whatever capacity I can. I am certain Starfleet Command will assign a more senior engineer to oversee the repair work. I dread venturing onto the station, all those people, they can’t help but be affected by my biology, which I cannot turn off.  Perhaps it would be better to be an android…  I hope the crew enjoy their leave.  I for one await reassignment, as this ship, while I enjoy it very much, will likely not be a permanent home. I wonder if an ensign can request to have NCO’s assigned… I sure would like to have Aiya with me, whatever the next adventure is.

//end log

 He returned to the window and awaited the arrival of refit teams from the station.  

Ensign Kammus Corelli
Engineering Officer
USS Nashira
Writer ID: T239807KC3


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