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[sb118-ops] Ensign German Galven - Unsteady Waters (Orb Team)

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@German Galven I wanted to post this sim here because it shows a great deal of willingness to improve and translate others descriptions and actions into those of your own, from your own character's point of view. Keep up the great work, always love reading sims from German. 


((Pirate Ship Drowning Band - Captain Farrow’s Quarters))

Bailey: Now about that plan. I was thinking we could use our own momentum to knock this container over and pop the lid off. Unless you actually wanted to stay. 

Galven: I think not staying would be ideal. 

A. Harper: Could not agree more, I don’t see any other option. 

Galven: Would it be better if I stood here and then I can lift one of you on my shoulders, then the other climbs up the two of us?

A. Harper: That makes sense, hitting the top of the cage should have more of the effect we want. 

Galven: ::glancing upward to survey the situation:: The top of the box is still pretty high up there. ::sets his hands on both sides of himself:: I'm not sure if the three of us would still be able to make it up there. 

Bailey: Response 

A Harper: Galven I think you’re strongest, you think you can climb on us?

Galven: ::scratches his ridged chin:: Perhaps, but there's still a lot of distance from where I'd be. 

A Harper: Shiela do you think can help hold his weight, we don’t want to cause you any injury.

Bailey: Response 

German was so focused on the task at hand and listening to the others when all of a sudden the cage they were in rattled a bit. Falling over the force of the small quake, German expected the worst as he turned towards his attention over the direction of a faint sound. 

Galven: What was that? Did anyone else hear something?

Bailey/A. Harper: Response 

Another sound came from outside the box. He didn't know what or who it might’ve belonged to, but it was very animalistic. 

Galven: Such a strange animal. 

Bailey/A. Harper: Response 

What happened next was so random that even German was caught by bewilderment and surprise since he was usually the most random person in the science department. Something launched itself at beneath the box, then darted back as the box only settled right side up once more. 

As all this was happening, German grabbed Sheila and put her over his shoulder awkwardly, then held out his other hand for Alex to take, and ran to the other side of the box to grab hold of anything sturdy. 

When the bottom was lifted among the commotion, the box tumbled onto its side. German wrapped both arms around Sheila and Alex, falling on his back so they wouldn't get hurt. 

Galven: Yo ho! A pirate’s life for us in these crazy waters! 

Bailey/A. Harper: Response 

Once the fiasco settled down, German let go of the others and tried to regain control, noticing movement again to the other side of the box. He was worried whatever was happening might do more harm to them. He saw a head push through a gap, causing the lid to finally fall off the box. Sachiko sat down and curled her tail around her, the tip slowly lifting then dropping, her eyes closed into thin slits, and purred.  

Galven: Well, looks like we don't have to climb out the top now. Are you guys okay?

Bailey/A. Harper: Response 

Galven: ::to Sachiko:: Could you give us a warning next time you're about to do something like that again?

Sachiko: Response 

Galven: You've got to be kitten me right meow. ::smirks::

Bailey/A. Harper: Response 

Galven: Let's get out of this box now. I'm not sure if we should ride Sachiko again or not. Who knows what she'll do. 

Bailey/A. Harper/Sachiko: Response 


Ensign German Galven 

Science Officer 

StarBase Ops 


Edited by Sheila Bailey
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