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Starfleet Officers vanish while exploring Ring 42 Biome

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AAVARO WILDS — The USS Juneau (NX-99801) went to the USS Grace Hopper’s help when some of its officers inexplicably vanished while investigating a freshly found Biome of Ring 42.

FNS investigated the unfolding narrative of the missing Starfleet personnel from the USS Grace Hopper, who was exploring a recently found and centuries-old abandoned city on Ring 42. So far, Starfleet has not revealed the identity of the missing officers.

Details regarding the condition on the ground continue to emerge, but we have heard from an inside source that both animals and humanoids abandoned the Biome thousands of years ago. Is it possible that life here vanished in the same way as our courageous explorers did, or is this a coincidence with a perfectly rational explanation?

Lieutenant Commander T’Lea, the Juneau’s First Officer, spearheaded a cooperative operation with search and rescue expert Major Kiran Han to recover those lost people and maybe discover the reason for the abandoning of an entire city.

Due to high-frequency interference, the crew has so far performed the search on foot and without the use of modern equipment. The search culminated in the discovery of one of the missing officers, who was found in a comatose state. They returned the officer to the Grace Hopper for medical attention and additional evaluation and is now under the care of Chief Medical Officer Karise Indobri, as well as the psychological assistance of Counselor Airik Tierney.

Currently, the FNS has received confirmed reports of an energy build-up in the city’s underground level, while the Grace Hopper has encountered some extremely unwelcome side effects, endangering the scientific vessel’s integrity. Captain Oddas Aria of the Juneau is attempting to calm the tension in Ring 42 orbit.

The same interference made it difficult to contact a member of the Juneau’s crew for comment.

More to come on this story as it develops.


Written by T’Lea

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