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[Act 3] Cmdr. Geoffrey Teller - Unedited Insights

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OOC: @Geoffrey Teller must be loosing it.  He's naming plasma eddies.  😄
((Bridge, Deck 1, USS Thor - Two Hours and Nine Minutes Later))
Hunching forward in the Captain's seat Geoff Teller's eye was twitching again.  He'd been staring at the viewscreen for so long now he'd practically named every random band of colorful energy currently encircling the ship as he tried to tease detail from the images the vastly more sophisticated and accurate sensors somehow missed.  Harold, a large shimmering column of plasma and radiation, was currently gyrating just slightly off the port bow and Fernando, that small pink rascal, was drifting diagonally across his field of view.  At several points Geoff had been reasonably convinced they were mocking him, intentionally shielding the Nashira from their view in a form of subspace pettiness known only to an unfortunate few.  With a hand that was vibrating slightly from either too little or too much caffeine, Geoff Teller tapped at the controls and resumed recording an overdue ships log.  
//Ships Log, Supplemental, Stardate 239808.19, Cmdr. Geoffrey Teller reporting.
...The Thor has been effectively navigating the storms edge for the last several hours and while the ride has by no means been comfortable, our shields have held strong and we are in position to spring our little trap on the Nashira.  As this exercise was intended to evaluate crew performance in non-ideal conditions, I must take a moment to offer commendations for Lt. Jg. Reid and Lt. Jg. Richards, both of whom have performed their duties with the professionalism and creativity of officers with far more experience.  I'm also quickly coming to respect the abilities of our new Engineering officer Ensign Rocheford.  While I'm certain the next few hours will be a test for ship and crew I'm extremely confident in both.  I'm certain we'll honor the Thor's proud legacy.  
And I'm going to get that damn lawn dart if it's the last thing I god da....wait is this still transcribing....
//End Log
The ship jolted slightly as another plasma front shifted and grazed their shields.  Teller shook his head in mock frustration at Gertrude, who was being pushy yet again.  A few minor warning indicators appeared on the status display to his left and Geoff decided to break the heavy silence.  
Teller:  Status report?  How're the shields holding up, Lt. Richards?  
Richards:  Response
Geoff smiled and turned in his chair.  
Teller:  Excellent, let me know if it becomes a problem.  Lt. Reid, how's the storm?  Dissipating along your projected curve?  
Richards/Reid:  Response
Both officers had been largely unknown to him prior to this last mission and now Geoff was confident they were both capable and reliable colleagues, more than fit for the task at hand.  It renewed his confidence in their plan of action and their hopes for success.  
Teller:  Understood, update the helm if you think we need to move to a new position but keep an eye on those sensors.  The minute we can get a peak outside the storm I want to know.  
Reid:  Response
Teller:  Very well.  Ensign Rocheford, what's the status of the EPS grid and the impulse engines?  If we detect the Nashira has taken the bait I want to move in as quickly as possible. 
Rocheford:  Response
Teller:  That's correct.  Our hope is that the Nashira mistakes our disguised fighter for the weapons platform they've been trying to make off with.  If they grab the fighter in a tractor beam that'll be our signal to pop out and hit them with everything we've got.  If they're disabled they can't make it out of the system, and we win.  
Rocheford:  Responses
Geoff found himself regarding the young engineer with something like sentimental fondness.  He'd been in that young mans position once, tossed into a dynamic situation and forced to push himself far beyond what he thought was capable.  He hoped Mr. Rocheford enjoyed the experience as much.  
Teller:  Don't worry Mr. Rocheford, the weapon hits are simulated but the computer will make the damage 'seem' real, down to the overloading eps conduits and the disabled systems.  With any luck we'll get their engines in our opening salvo and it'll be over in the first few seconds.  
Rocheford:  Response
Geoff smiled and turned his attention back to the viewscreen.  Several of his new friends, like Lloyd, Fredrick and Harriet, were beginning to dissipate visibly and Teller could swear he saw faint snatches of clear space beyond.  Their moment was rapidly approaching.  
Teller:  Lt. Reid, is that what I think it is?  
Rocheford/Richards/Reid:  Response
Commander Geoffrey Teller
Executive Officer
USS Thor - NCC 82607
Commodore A. Kells, Commanding


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