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PNPC Lt JG Nyka Wyss - Ham Sandwich

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Again T'Lea at her best. I saw this perfect line for the Juneau's quotes. Then another, then another, another and well, we really have to read it all.




(( Sickbay, Deck 10 - Stardrive Section ))




Nyka was caught in a strange state of restlessness and total exhaustion.  The redhead’s mind felt like jelly, and her body felt like dog vomit.  All she wanted to do was curl up in a cute little ball and die.  That was the only thing that would make her feel better.  That and maybe a ham sandwich.  With cheese.


On rye bread.


Ooh, mayonnaise would be nice.  And potato chips. 


Because what’s a sandwich without chips.


After being carried into sickbay, Wyss was placed on a biobed.  The different faces that floated pasted her groggy eyes were dream-like, unreal, much like the past couple of days.  Sounds of urgency and confusion whistled through her ears, none of it making sense.


All she wanted was a sleep that wouldn’t come.


Indobri: Re- Wyss. Look at me, Lieutenant. I need your assistance or :: she decided to take a gamble on her assumption :: the Caretaker might die.

Wyss:  ::yawn::  Aw.  


The Rodulan had made her feelings clear.  She didn’t want Nyka, and that was that.   Turnabout was fair play.  The redhead ran from her feelings, and when she finally ran back, Karise had move on. 


Wyss: ::groggy::  That’s too bad.


That was why she had been a little more willing to accept the care and unity with the City.  It felt good to be needed and loved.  All she wanted was to feel good after being dumped.  But now she felt like she’d been dumped all over again.  The connection to the city was nothing more than a hollow echo.  She’d been a useful tool and now she was cast aside.


She wasn’t a beloved Caretaker to the City.  She wasn’t anything.  She didn’t belong in their world, or this world.


All she wanted right now was ham sandwich named Karise.


Indobri: I know, I know. But I can’t connect the pod to the power conduits. That’s why I need your help.


She was so pretty.  And nice.  Even when she rejected Nyka she’d been nice about it.  Not like the crappy text she’d sent to Karise before she’d been transferred.  “See ya!” 

Wyss:   You don’t need me.  That’s what you said.


She flicked her hand at the Rodulan as if to pshaw her away.


Indobri: response


Wyss:  I can’t sleep.  Why won’t you let me sleep?


Maybe she was talking to the shadow of the City, or about Karise, or the dark universe of war she’d left behind.


Indobri/Airik: response


Wyss:  ::drifting off::  I’m so tired.  I just want a ham sandwich.


Indobri/Airik: response


Her eyes popped open sharply at that, and she waved over the ham sandwich she was in love with, Karise, as she swung her legs off the bed to get up.


Wyss:  Get me over there, Doctor H. Sammich.


She grabbed the Doctor and resisted hugging her as she was walked over to the pod.  She kept staring at the side of Karise’s gorgeous face.


Wyss:  Where’s the pod?


Indobri: response


Wyss:  Oh.  Yep.  I see it.  Kay then… hmm…


She leaned forward and pinched one eye closed as if to zero in on what the handsome counselor had done to facilitate an answer to the issue.


Wyss:  What’s all this mess?  Oh, I see it.  Never mind.  Yep, That’s fine.  That’ll work.  ::at Airik and Indobri::  Where’s the three type Z couplings?


Airik: response


Wyss:  Kinda need’em to coup-the-lings.  ::chuckling drunk::  Sorry, sorry.  This is serious.  Type Z’s go there, there and there.  Then a backflow stop between the Z’s and the Hopper.  Calibrate to a lesser energy property than the pod and open the power slowly.  Got it?


Indobri/Airik: response


Wyss:  Did I earn my ham sandwish?


Indobri/Airik: response


Walked back to the bio bed, Wyss didn’t want to let go of Indobri’s helpful arms, but eventually was pried free.  She flopped back on the bed, and got all glassy eyed about something thoughtful and warming.


Wyss:  Hey, Karise?


Indobri: response


Wyss:  I might puke little.


Indobri: response


Airik: response


T'Lea and Kendrick cruised into the room just as power to the pod was restored.  A orange glow surrounded the Original Caretaker, and the bio-signs on the pod's monitors began to register, spike, then level out.


T'Lea:  Well done.  Is it stabilized?


Tierney/Indobri: response


T'Lea:  Pelley seemed to think it was in a stage of mitosis.  Doctor, can you determine if there are any reproductive organs in this species?


Indobri: response


Wyss:  Well that's no fun!


Somebody somewhere in sickbay snickered loudly.


Kendrick/Tierney: response


T'Lea:  It appears that the function of the pod may not just be for stasis, but to help facilitate the process of division.  


Indobri: response


Kendrick/Tierney: response  


T'Lea: Let's make certain the Caretaker is stabilized, and then we'll let the Hopper continue to aid the situation.  


Indobri/Kendrick/Tierney: response


T'Lea tapped her comm. badge.


T'Lea: =/\=  T'Lea to USS Juneau. =/\=


Oddas: =/\= response


T'Lea: =/\=  Captain, everyone has been transported safely to the Hopper.  Williams and R'Kala should be returning to the Juneau soon with new data gathered here. =/\=


Oddas: =/\= response


T'Lea: =/\=  The species we recovered from the planet appears to be using a form of mitosis to reproduce, to divide into another whole humanoid.  The pod is assisting in the process.  And we believe it is stabilized. =/\=



Indobri: =/\= response


Oddas: =/\= response






PNPC Lieutenant JG Nyka Wyss
Engineering Officer
USS Grace Hopper

simmed by

Lieutenant Commander T’Lea 
Historian/Archaeology Specialist 
USS Juneau
Author ID I238301T10

Edited by Vitor S. Silveira
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Sil beat me to it! I was rolling on the floor (literally) with this one! Great job, T'Lea!

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