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Crisis in the 8576 Phoenicis System

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PHOENICIS SYSTEM — Today, the governments of Heinalious, Vermillion, N Scorpii and Ketaki announced the formation of the Provisional Guardianship of Phoenicis and the formation of the Provisional Pact of Scorpii, to oversee the path to Phoenicis reforming.

In addition, they indicated they had hard questions for the Federation, including why so many of the Federation personnel in the region were found to be subverted by the government.

On stardate 239602.01, a badly damaged civilian ship dropped out of warp in the Heinalious system. Luckily for them, the Heinalious Self Defense Force had been taking part in a defence drill with the Saber-class USS Misty Valley and were soon rescued. Within 12 hours, an impromptu task force amassed led by Captain Mariyu Ramias of the Misty Valley. It was later learned this was over the objections and orders of the Federation staff posted in all of those systems.

This task force could assemble swiftly, revealed Scorpii Pact spokesperson Kyoja Kujo, because many of those systems depended on refining facilities in the Phoenician systems, as well as raw goods it generated for their own economies. They had been working on plans to investigate when messages sent received bland assurances from either the Federation staff or the government that it was a malfunction or issue with the refineries.

Forcefully entering the system, the task force encountered a self-defence power way over permitted maximums by the Federation. A battle ensued, resulting in casualties on both sides, but eventually, they could reach Phoenicis IV, and forced a surrender of the government, disabling the blockers.

It was at this time that the wider galaxy learnt of what had happened.

Investigations by both the surrounding systems, the Misty Valley, and a Federation envoy determined the cause to be Talon Hayabusa, the High Commissioner for the region. Inquiries revealed that he had, over the last decade, slowly replaced officials with those who would be loyal to him over everyone else, and subverted other figures. A trial convened immediately, however, it is expected to draw on for some time.

There is now a fight for venue between the region’s choice, N Scorpii IX, and the Federation’s choice, Starbase 310, located just outside the Phoenician Stormlands for the former High Commissioner, with the Federation agreeing that the crimes of the former system government should be tried on Vermillion.

“We understand the needs of the local governments, who were most affected by the criminal plans of the former High Commissioner, to seek justice in local venues.” Harriet Howe reiterated in a brief statement on the manner. “However, we need to make sure that the accused faces a fair trial of his peers, and we assure them that all delegations will attend the trial.”

However, this only seemed to increase the unrest, with snap polls showing wide anger and outrage at the Federations actions, and what they see as them favouring the core world staff over the fringe only increased. Polling shows nearly 75% dislike, and unrest is growing — save for Starfleet, which they saw as a guardian with the actions of the Misty Valley. Even that has its limits, as many see Starfleet as beholden to the whims of the Federation.

“Sure, Starfleet does its best to help us when they can, including making sure we can protect ourselves,” said one member of the Ketaki House of the Enlightened, who asked not to be identified. “And we are grateful that most of the starship captains have fully understood our concerns and done their best to assist. But they have to obey the orders of the Federation, and I wouldn’t want to rely on that, nor ask them to betray their orders. Maybe what we need is something more local that we can rely on, instead of distant and out of touch Earth and Starfleet Command.”

“This is something that I would be far more worried about,” says Dr Katherine Helewys, of the Stability Institute, newly formed on Freedom’s Progress, within the Serellian Sector. “It’s got all the signs of a crisis, including widespread anger at all Federation institutions, and reasons for both sides to have issues reaching a compromise. In addition, this kind of long-term corruption rarely goes unnoticed, so there’s possibly more to be discovered.”

“We are watching the situation, and working with the Provisional Pact to reach a fair situation,” iterated the Federation Council statement. The Federation Council declined to comment more.

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