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PNPC Ensign Dunamis: Stick in the Mud?

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One of our officers introduced a new character, and I really enjoyed getting to know him a little bit.  I look forward to seeing what he does with Dune!


((Verriar’s Tongo Palace, Starbase 118))


How out of place he must have looked: six feet and eight and a half inches of lank in uniform, clutching a tiny glass cup that seemed like a little fruit wrapped in branches in relation to his long, thin fingers. Large golden eyes stared intently down at the spinning tongo wheel about a foot in front of him, round which many gathered to hedge their bets. Dunamis was not a gambler. He never had been – except in chess where one would sometimes strategically gamble away their pieces in the hopes of victory. He didn’t like tongo. It was far too reliant on luck and chance and not enough on the skill of the player.


But hey, maybe that was chess player him speaking, eh?


Admittedly when the others had extended him invitation to meet at the commercial sector for a men’s night out he hadn’t expected to have to walk all the way down decks to this bar he found far too dark and far too… vicelike. He’d drank what he’d been recommended, of course, it was only polite – and been complimented by the many-armed hostess for it – which admittedly still didn’t sit well in his belly. No, really. And the aftertaste was far too chemical-like for his tastes.


But hey, one sometimes made compromises for connections did they not?


Dunamis: ::glancing upwards at Isaiah and rubbing his eyes:: Remind me how many rounds it has been, again? My vision has begun to swim.


Andrews/Yael: ?


Dunamis: Ah. I see. Not at all, actually. I think the wheel has spun so many times I’ve lost count.


Andrews/Yael: ?

Right then a waitress walked up to him.


Waitress: What can I get you, tall, stoic and handsome?


Dunamis: ::directed at the attending waitress:: One iced lemon tea, please?

He watched her nod and walk off, following which golden eyes flickered over the little circle of drinks set before the group on the table. Most, if not all of them were alcoholic. The chemical-y scent stung at his sensitive nose. He’d never understood why the human idea of a ‘men’s night out’ was casual gambling, alcohol and/or bars or any other variant on the same. Was the idea of appearing at work hung over the following morning not enough to dissuade them? Not that he was going to complain, of course.


Dunamis: How long have you both been patronizing this establishment? ::gratefully accepting the cup of tea he was given::


Andrews/Yael: ?


Ensign Dunamis
Tactical Officer

Starbase 118 - USS Narendra



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Hi, everyone! Dunamis' writer here! Having read my own sim (yes, after I've sent it and it's been featured for all of you to read) I've realized that I didn't mention that Dunamis is a Kelpien (who has passed vahar'ai)! I am aware that the species is awaiting inclusion as a player character species depending on how their PNPCs play and I hope that he shall be the one that propels them to that very status! May he be just as enjoyable for you all to read (especially for my fellow writers in Ops) as he has been for others elsewhere! 

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