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Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti - Frosty the Snowman

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A couple of us are getting some off-duty face to face time with our Captain and I was fortunate enough to get to ask the right questions to get some good reminiscing out of her.



 (OOC - Tipping my hat to an old friend here. Thanks for the opportunity.)

((USS Gemini, Crew Quarters))

True to her word, Kali had made her way to and caught up with the two women who had spirited off before they had gone too far. Finding their room, in which they would share during their short trip, they also seemed to lay claim to beds as well. The whole thing had the distinct feeling of camping, or a sleepover, or something far removed from what she was used to. It was refreshing in its own right, allowing her to relax just enough to feel like she could breathe.

Entering the room, she found a bunk nearby and tossed her pack on it before sitting down.

Sherlock: So, Captain, you served on the Gemini before right?

Kali looked up and smiled. History was muddled with memories of all the friends and family left behind, and all of the connections severed by time. Slowly, she shook her head.

Nicholotti: For a short time. Mostly as a favor to an officer I'd all but grew up with. We were both very new at what we did, and very green when we met, but we found our way through quite a few missteps to where we ended up.

A faraway look washed over her and the pools of crystalline blue fell out of focus for a long moment. Frost had come aboard the Victory as a brand new Ensign, fresh from the Academy and full of everything that one might expect from a helmsman graduate. He was [...]y, slick to a degree, but he was also damn good at what he did. She had lost track of him after she had succumbed to the Scar. With no memories to associate for so long, she had lost track of a lot of people that she had once held dear.

It only amplified the feelings of being alone when the silence bore down.

Sirin: response

Sherlock: How many Captain's have you served under?

The question brought her back to the moment while also sending her into the depths of her history. How many indeed? She had been lucky to have served under some of the best; Andrus Jaxx, Toni Turner, Rocar Drawoh - all admirals, and her fair share of whom she might have called peers before falling into the role of Ambassador. It was only after she'd uncovered her memories that she'd clawed her way back from behind a desk.

Nicholotti: Enough to have left a good deal of marks. Nine, if I'm not mistaken.

Sherlock: What was Captain Frost like? I've only read some cursory bits about his service.

Kali laughed. It had been a long time since anyone had felt able to ask her things uninhibited. Since the launch of the Resolution she had almost felt segmented or separated, though she wasn't sure that was anyone's fault but her own. As had been told to her, and as it played again and again, voices of old friends reminded her of her role and the darkness that sometimes came with it. But the light, oh that made things well worth the night.

Nicholotti: He was ::beat.:: gutsy. He wasn't afraid to jump in and do dirty work, but when he screwed up, man was it massive. It didn't happen often, but when it did, it changed history.

A warm smile spread across her face. The picture of the group of them in old US Navy uniforms in front of a mangled and very ancient rocket in the cargo bay of the Victory snuck into her mind. Thankfully they'd been able to smooth over that time-jump error, but if it didn't almost cost him his career, and pretty much any of Earth's future in space.

Sirin: response

Nicholotti: Well, he was a pilot, through and through. He came with the ego, but unlike some I've met in my day, he had the wherewithal to follow it up. Frosty was a good man. He helped establish the Thracian Alliance, saved the first Terran moon landing, and in some way left a legacy you see here.

Lifting her hands, Kali gestured to the walls around her. They echoed with the potentials of the past and the calling of the future.

Sherlock/Sirin: Response?

Nicholotti: I know he's no longer in Starfleet, but it wouldn't surprise me if he isn't off piloting some hot shot ship on the edge of understanding. That's how a lot of us were back then. Running around at warp ten with our hair on fire.

She couldn't stop the laugh and damn if it didn't feel good.

Nicholotti: Most of the time it turned out, but sometimes...well. Sometimes you lose. It's not good or bad, it just is.

Sherlock/Sirin: Response?

Kali nodded.

Nicholotti: What else do you want to know, since you have me to yourselves for at least a short while more?

Raising an eyebrow, she grinned. Dinner would be shortly, as would the exploration of the rest of the ship. From what she remembered, she was a beauty at night, and as she felt the deckplates change in vibration she realized they were setting out. The stars would point their way as they had for Frost. Silently she let him know that all was alright.

Sherlock/Sirin: Responses?



Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti
Commanding Officer
USS Resolution




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