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Cardassian Prison escapees discover experiments conducted on prisoners behind the facade

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UNKNOWN PRISON, DMZ — Escapees of a Cardassian prison within the DMZ have reportedly found their captors have subjected them to horrific experiments aiming to advance the Cardassian Union.

Claims from inside the prison have come from an encoded communication originally believed to be one prisoner orchestrating a contraband device, however, reports have continued during the prison break.

Communication networks within the DMZ are now confident the repeating transmissions are the work of someone working on the inside for the Cardassian regime. The last message received by the SS Fourcade made up the assurance of help for those of the Skarbek crew attempting their escape through the ship, and a series of coordinates for the assumed location of the drifting starship.

However, upon deploying a scouting vessel to the coordinates given, the SS Wake reported back, finding only empty space.

“Investigations into the area show no trace of engines or warp signature,” commented Henri Vernon, Cell Second for the Wake. “This leads to the ongoing theory that the starship is adrift rather than moving under impulse or fusion, making it significantly harder to find.”

Acting as the network and communication hub in the region, the Fourcade has also reported receiving a direct incoming message from an encoded Starfleet transponder, working within the confines of the DMZ. Unable to confirm the validity of the transmission, it is undergoing several checks to ensure authenticity before passing along the information. However, the Fourcade appeared confident the signal was genuine.

Considering recent events, the Fourcade has issued a specific warning to all ships within the DMZ to be on high alert for Cardassian vessels seeking to take prisoners of war during boarding actions and to increase vigilance when travelling toward outposts and known bases near to the last reported coordinates of the Cardassian barge.

Meanwhile, inside the prison…

The prisoners have broken through the confines of the walls and into the blind beyond. Unnamed individuals from the Maquis cell Skarbek have discovered the facility is a facade for unethical and immoral scientific experiments conducted by the Cardassian Union. One team, led by the suspected Bootleg of the operation, has encountered a sentient slime and has started contact, while the team led by the suspected member known as Fingers has rescued a young Caitian from the confines of the cells.

The discovery comes on the wings of their continued attempts to escape, only to find they are on a starship adrift, rather than an underground facility as they previously thought, and a baryon sweep has just started…


Written by Jo Marshall

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