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MSNPC Ferdzy - Tie the knots to go home.

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Utterly stunning and captivating, this is the culmination of an incredibly well written and moving arc!


(( Boarding Ramp, Deck 8, USS Resolution ))

One hundred and eighty some-odd years, dozens of covert operations, decades of training and education, none of it could prepare the old man for the steps he was now about to take.  It was nice of the Starfleet people to prepare him a pack with some supplies.  Extra rations and thermal blankets were thoughtful, but somehow, Ferzdy didn’t think he’d need them.

There were crews working like bees all around him, mostly Federation but a few Romulans as well.  It seemed as though this ship would survive, lift off, and get back into space, perhaps with the assistance of the kindly group of Skarn who allowed Ferzdy to stay behind.  A few had paused their work to see him off, which Ferzdy found most kind.  He clutched the strap of the Starfleet kit and turned around to face the small farewell party.

Ferzdy:  I suppose I shall take my leave of you now.

R’mor:  response

Ferzdy:  Talar, principled and courageous leader.  I know you will see these survivors to the end of their journey.

R’mor:  response

Ferzdy:  Thank you, my friend.  Farewell.

The old man took a few more steps toward the ramp.  With his feet on the threshold of the inclined surface, he turned back around and addressed the aliens of the group.

Ferzdy:  You all, Humans, Vulcans, Bajorans.  It is a shame that we did not realize how much we had in common until so recently.  I would have been proud to call any of you my ally decades ago, if only I had known.

Any Starfleet person:  response (if desired)

Ferzdy looked down at his hands, tangled within his twisted fingers was a textile record of this entire experience, a knot for each person, place, and thing he had encountered.  He tied a final knot at the end, then slipped the entire piece of artwork off his hand, letting it fall to the deck by his feet.

Ferzdy:  So long, friends.

As he descended the ramp, Ferzdy was never more certain that he was doing the right thing: to live amongst the Skarn for as long as he had left.  Many of them had experienced turmoil and loss under their former leader; Ferzdy knew these experiences well.  Perhaps there was something he could teach them, in exchange for their kind hospitality.

At the end of the ramp, waiting for him, was Gabbro in their true form, unadorned by rocks.  Ferzdy’s feet touched down on the uneven earth, and he continued walking without looking back.

Ferzdy:  Let’s go, Gabbro.

Gabbro:  ~response~

They continued on together, Ferzdy uncertain of the distance, as he had no knots to tie to keep track.

Ferzdy:  I wish I could help them get their ship back in the sky.

Gabbro:  ~response~

Ferzdy:  Yes, I will, if you can show me how.

Ferzdy set the survival kit down on the dusty ground.  He knew he wouldn’t be needing it after all.  He closed his eyes and let the energy surround him, the sensations of touch and sound and sight and thought combining, creating an awareness that was not dependent upon a corporeal form.  He smiled, or rather, felt like smiling, and radiant pink-and-orange light shone out in all directions from the footprints where he’d taken his last physical steps.

FerzBall:  ~Let’s go home.~


Tag / TBC


Romulan old timer / Skarn ball of light

simmed by

Lieutenant Yogan Yalu
Helm Officer
USS Resolution NCC-78145

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