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Lieutenant Meidra Sirin - A song of memory

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The writing talent on display here is on a whole other level. Beautifully written and emotionally affecting. @Meidra Sirin, you've really outdone yourself here! 😍


((Meidra’s quarters, Deck Four, USS Resolution))


Meidra and Mya did not say much as they walked through the corridors to her office. The ship seemed quiet even with the people rushing around doing their tasks. Occasionally, the girl would hum one of the melodies Meidra recognized from Carolyn’s music file, but she didn't speak. Meidra remembered being a bit lost when her father disappeared, and wouldn’t push for conversation, but she’d make sure she stayed observant when the child wanted to talk.


Thankfully, the door to her quarters slid open easily now that power was restored. Meidra let Mya walk in first and explore the room, watching the girl wander. Mya noticed two beds and gave Meidra a look of confusion.


Mya: Do you have people stay in your room a lot?


Meidra gave a soft smile as she sat down on her bed, patting a spot next to her. 


Sirin: No, I had a roommate, but she is off traveling for a while. So I’m alone. ::wishes Roc was on board for Mya to cuddle:: I’ll most likely be assigned someone in the future, but for now, my room is my own. ::picks up a stuffed Vulcan teddy bear off her pillow:: This is Geretaya, but you can call him Gerry if you’d like. 


Mya: He looks like my Verlyn. I slept with him every night before we came here.


At Meidra’s confused look, the little girl smiled. 


Mya: He’s kind of like your Gerry, but with two rows of teeth. My mom bought him at a toy store just before we got on the Hanno. ::strokes the toy’s fur thoughtfully:: After we crashed, I guess I lost him. ::looks at Meidra:: Maybe my mom found him. She probably has him, I hope she doesn’t get mad that I lost him. 


Sirin: Mya, do you remember anything about the crash? Where were you when it happened?


The little Kerelian held the bear close to her while she tried to remember. Everything had been normal until they got the warning that the ship was having trouble. Her mom had told her and Sam to stay in the cabin while she went to find out what was happening. Mya didn’t like the ship, it was taking them away from home and she was glad that it was having problems. Maybe they could go back home and forget this stupid tour Momma was going to do.


She looked up at Meidra and tilted her head to the side as she thought about the crash landing. Part of her was happy that the ship didn’t survive the accident. Now Momma could just forget about this trip and things could go back to the way things were. But part of her was sad that people were hurt from the crash. 


Mya: I don’t remember. 

Sirin: Did you ask your mother why you were going with her? Were there no relatives you could have stayed with at home?


Mya: No. Nobody. Dad is off working on a mine and doesn’t want us. ::yawns:: I want my mom, Meidra. 


Meidra sighed and got up to pull out her meditation mat. The girl watched as she spread it out and lit some light incense. She beckoned the child to her, and they sat down side by side on the mat.


Sirin: When I am having a day where things are confusing, I find that it helps to meditate. If you want to try it, it will help you sleep as well. Are you willing to try?


Mya: How do you do it?


Meidra showed her the beginning pose and explained how to close her eyes to watch her thoughts swim around her mind. In beginning Vulcan meditation, one did not try to block these thoughts, merely to observe them. In this way, Vulcan children built up their memory. She explained this as they closed their eyes and breathed in the sweet scent of Vulcan spices.


Sirin: When you have a memory, or a thought - don’t block yourself. Just say it out loud and give it a voice. Don’t force the memory. Just breathe in and out, and let your thoughts guide you.


Mya took a deep breath and tried to calm herself. She was tired, but she wanted to remember. 


Mya: Momma didn’t come back. Sam told me to stay in the cabin, but I didn’t. I ran down the hall and there was smoke everywhere. People were shouting, and someone threw me into some kind of pod thing. When we crashed the door opened and I tried finding Momma. 


Sirin: And you found her? 


Mya closed her eyes and bit her lip trying to remember everything. Sam had tried following her but the door had gotten stuck and Mya hadn’t had the strength to open it. So she had to find her mother anyway. The screams of people grew louder in her head and she pushed the memories away. Grown ups were always loud when they got lost. 


((Flashback, Hanno, the crash))


Mya opened her eyes and somehow was on the Hanno. She looked around and saw people shouting and running around. Suddenly there was a jolt that ran through the ship and they were falling, she just knew it. Someone threw her into an escape pod and slammed the door shut. 


The screams outside grew louder and the girl felt the impact as the ship crashed. She bumped her head as she fell, but in the enclosed space, did not hurt herself much. 

The door fell open and Mya crawled out over bodies that weren’t moving. She didn’t have time to worry about that because she had to find her mother. She crawled over people that she vaguely recognized. At one point someone grabbed her leg and she looked back to see a half burned face staring at her, trying to speak. Mya screamed and kicked the person in the face. They didn’t open their eyes and Mya kept going. Then - she finally saw her mother.


Mya: She was leaning on a wall. She saw me and went to open up her arms and then just - fell?

Then she was on the floor sleeping and bleeding. I tried to wake her up, but she wouldn’t open her eyes. She must have been tired. Then Sam was there and we were rushed out of the ship. I couldn’t go back to get Verlyn. ::pause as her eyes flew open:: My mom told me Verlyn would be my friend until I met new ones on the tour. Now I don’t have my friends at home, I don’t have Verlyn. My mom is taking a nap, and I don’t want to be here! ::voice rising:: Why did we have to leave our home and get on that stupid ship? She wasn’t moving, Meidra. She wasn’t moving and Sam pulled me away and she wasn’t breathing and she’s not going to wake up, is she? I wanted that ship to crash and now my momma is dead. 


Sirin: You are not to blame for this Mya. None of it is your fault. Your mother loved you very much and you loved her. I can hear it in your voice. ::holds Mya as she cries:: You’re not to blame, do  you understand that? You and Sam are alive, and you both can honor your mother every day of your lives by remembering her. 


Mya: I don’t want to remember, Meidra! I want my mother! 


The little girl sobbed into Meidra’s arms, and the counselor started singing one of Carolyn’s songs softly. After a moment of shock, Mya joined in, and the small room was filled with a sweet Kerelian lullaby that had both of them falling asleep on the floor within minutes.


End scene for Meidra


Lt Meidra Sirin

Counseling Officer

USS Resolution


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