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Cartel and Klingon revolutionary attacks prison convoy

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THE SHADOWS — A Klingon revolutionary and her cartel allies attempted to kidnap a prisoner before being thwarted by the USS Veritas (NCC-95035) and the Ohanze, the native species of the Shoals.

While on a prisoner extradition mission, Starfleet tasked Veritas with the safe transportation of Valtese smuggler and Kusnadi Society Samaritan Award recipient Kallo Ver to the Starfleet Annex at Star Station Esperance, where authorities would transfer him into Federation custody. Two ships of the Klingon Defense Force escorted the Veritas, as the convoy left “Klingon country” to cross through the Shadows and reach Esperance.

The Shadows is a dangerous region of the Shoals, where tetryon field interference is so great that ships can only use short-range sensors.

“We were basically blind out there,” said Veritas first officer Commander Sky Blake. “Raiders, pirates, and other nefarious types have used the Shadows over the centuries to hide amid the sensor echoes and attack freighters and other ships.”

The area is also home to the native Ohanze population, comprising five different tribes.

Two weeks into their journey, ships operated by one of the powerful cartels based out of the Klingon territories attacked the Veritas and the convoy. During the skirmish, an escorting Klingon vessel, the IKS T’Kuvma, commanded by Commander Ch’otonn Bagorgh, unexpectedly bombarded and destroyed the other Klingon ship. As the smoke cleared, the T’Kuvma turned on the Veritas, demanding Captain Roshanara Rahman and her crew hand over Kallo Ver.

Bagorgh, pronouncing herself a general, announced a revolution had begun in the Klingon territories of the Shoals. She and the Klingon separatists would establish a new Klingon republic to return to the “true teachings of Kahless” and the glorious days of aggressive Klingon expansionism.

While the betrayal from within the KDF was unexpected, such a possibility of an attack on the convoy was precisely why Starfleet sent Veritas, known throughout the region to locals and her adversaries as “the strongest ship in the Shoals,” to complete the mission.

After fending off the initial attack, Veritas fled deeper into the Shadows, seeking refuge in a nebula. There, they encountered the Black Sun Tribe of the Ohanze. Declining Rahman and her crew’s request for aid, the Ohanze gave Veritas a few hours to complete repairs as they were reluctant to involve themselves in “settler matters.” Bagorgh, however, launched an attack on the Ohanze, intending to draw Veritas out. Needing to ensure that the Ohanze weren’t further dragged into a conflict that could possibly jeopardize the Federation’s Treaty of Friendship with the Shoals natives, Rahman fired back at the T’Kuvma before getting the Klingon ship to follow her through another warp jump even further into the Shadows.

There, the two ships squared off in the last stand; Bagorgh determined to deliver Ver to the cartel and eliminate Veritas.

Aboard the Starfleet vessel, Lieutenant JG Ikaia Wong, Ensign Scotty Reade, and Ensign Lilith Thorne held off a Klingon boarding party thanks to some holodeck trickery. Meanwhile, engineering crews led by chief engineer Lieutenant Commander Wil Ukinix ensured the ship had enough fight left to withstand Bagorgh’s assault and deliver their own counterpunch.

Just as the situation seemed to grow dire, Veritas received an unexpected ally. The other four tribes of the Ohanze answered a call from the Black Sun Tribe and arrived behind Veritas, ready to defend the Starfleet vessel.

Faced against overwhelming numbers, Bagorgh retreated, and the Ohanze escorted Veritas for the rest of her journey out of the Shadows.


Written by Roshanara Rahman

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