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MSNPC Arbelo - Baabing for the Stone

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This has such mid-credits sequence energy and I kinda adore it. @Meidra Sirin has done a magnificent job. Just don't tell her I said that. 


((Deep water under Cave of Retribution))

The explosion had rocked the large cave, sending Skarn and invaders alike from its depths. All was smoke and chunks of stone as the guards fell apart and their lights extinguished by the force of the blast. 

Below, in the swirling depths of the underground pool, the sea creature had swallowed something strange thrown from up above. They did not understand the up above, only knowing that things were occasionally thrown to them by the rocks. These things usually tasted good, but this latest thing did not taste good. It tasted like pain. 

Now the rocks were falling into the pool, and Baab did not want to eat them either. The thing he’d swallowed was burning through his body at a rapid pace. Within moments, bits of the sea creature was strewn against the walls of the pit, his death screams filling the chamber.

Floating in the wreckage of Baab’s corpse, a flickering blue light trembled. They had been betrayed. They had been thrown to be eaten by Baab. They had not been listened to when the order to die was given.  This was most rude. Baab’s large eye floated past. 

Arbelo tried to rise up and gather the stones to them once again, but could not. They were too weak. They glanced at bits of Baab, and growled. What kind of monster killed an innocent creature like Baab? And now Gabbro was with them, most likely celebrating. 

Arbelo would rest. And plot. A thought occurred. The Stone! Where was the Stone? Diving into the cold water, they searched for the piece of rock that held their fragile sanity together. Was that it? Arbelo raced deeper into the pool and was swept up into a riptide. They tried to pull back but was still too weak. As they flew mercilessly into the great ocean beyond, they had but one thought.

Gabbro had to die first.




Arbelo the soaking wet nightlight

as simmed by


Lt Meidra Sirin

Counseling Officer

USS Resolution


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