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Freed Jem’Hadar reach out for aid after attempted shakedown

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ATURN VI — The USS Juneau (NX-99801) made a stop in orbit of the formerly abandoned world of Aturn VII, now home to the Jem’Hadar. The group, now free from their dependence on ketracel-white, and operating on their own as a fledgeling colony, had encountered the ship’s crew before.

The First Bekanar’Klan specifically called on Captain Oddas Aria to assist, necessitating the unusual practice of the Captain leading the away team to the surface.

Bekanar’Klan relayed the information to the team Ferengi DaiMon Kaybay, who declared himself to be the owner of Aturn VII, harassed them. He approached the Jem’Hadar to become his personal army in return for him, allowing them to stay on the planet. Enjoying a life without overlords or living at the whims of others, the Jem’Hadar refused.

Meanwhile, Kaybay approached the planet, staying in orbit on the opposite side of the planet, hidden from the Juneau after some of his cursory scans determined his ship was no match for the Starfleet vessel. While the crew onboard prepared to rival wits with the Ferengi, the away team worked to divide and conquer to discover what interest that the DaiMon had in the world.

“There has to be something of interest on this planet for the Ferengi,” explained young Petty Officer Drale. “It’s not like this place is teeming with bugs for them to eat.”

On the surface, the team worked to inspect the colony’s defence systems as well as explore tunnels near a mining colony that were set up by Kaybay on his earlier visit to the planet to sway the Jem’Hadar.

They also discovered the involvement of a Vulcan named Strapek, who was active in the region before either of the other two groups visited the planet and he may be the reason for the sudden interest from the Ferengi.

Unbeknownst to the rest of their crew, the Ferengi caught Lieutenant Commander T’Lea, Ensign John Kendrick and Doctor Rel Cassi, while they explored the mines, and beamed them to the brig of the DaiMon’s ship.


Written by Cassian Iovianus

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