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First Contact with the N’Nek reported by USS Van Gogh

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MARS, SOL SYSTEM — A first contact mission recently took place while the USS Van Gogh carried out a research mission to an uninhabited planet in the Wil’low system.

The planet, designated as Nokavis in official Starfleet records, was considered to be uninhabited due to serious solar radiation impact upon the surface. Reports from various Starfleet, Klingon and Romulan vessels were unable to scan the surface of the planet through the radioactivity.

Whilst recently travelling through the system, the helmsman of the Van Gogh picked up a faint warp signature emanating from the far side of the planet. The Tellarite Commander, Captain Privk, ordered the ship to follow, maintaining a cautionary distance.

After approaching slowly, scans confirmed the vessel was warp-capable.

Privk ordered the ship into diplomatic conditions and started to prepare for a first contact scenario. Maintaining a far enough distance as to not be detected, the Van Gogh waited until a time in which the first warp flight of the species was conducted. As the ship returned and entered orbit around Nokavis once more, Privik hailed them and initiated First Contact.

While details are sparse, we do know they call themselves the N’nek and evolved from organisms thriving on solar radiation, making them unique among the species of the galaxy. They permitted scans of Nokavis from the surface and limited sociological information exchange, providing interesting scientific data.

Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant K’Mera provided the press with limited physiological data — humanoid, with ridges descending their arms and covered in skeletal armour, indentations on their foreheads moving down to the edge of their noses, and where the pupil would be in a small pinhole to render the intense light.

The N’nek have agreed to signal the Federation when they are ready to engage in further diplomatic relations and gave hopes for an amicable future.

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