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Cmdr. Geoffrey Teller - An Ancient Foe

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@Geoffrey Teller

's giving it his all to start Act 3 of our mission and hits all the right notes: humor, epic, references to legends, novels and classic books and a great setting to kick off the final fanfare of our epic/fantasy crossover.

Incredible work!

((Outside the city walls, Calabrum))
There was simply no eloquent way to put it.  No deft turn of phrase to encapsulate his thoughts.  However he turned it over in his head, Geoff Teller's thoughts kept coming back to one thing, and one thing only.  
His [...] hurt.  
He'd spent the better part of the last two days in a mad dash around the planets surface, largely traveling by the local equivalent of horseback, and he was miserably saddlesore.  It may not have been the most modern means of transportation and the smell was truly appalling but it was far more discreet than the transporters or a shuttle and the crew was already bending the Prime Directive nearly in half to help these people.  
They were interfering, yes, but with the larger goal of removing mass scale cultural contamination which Starfleet had, however inadvertently, caused.  At least, that's what Geoff kept telling himself when he imagined the forthcoming board of inquiry after this mission.  Whatever happened there was going to be a lot of paddwork.  For now, neither Geoff's sore backside or his forthcoming court martial were really the issue.  They were running out of time.  Geoff drew his mount to a halt roughly a hundred meters from the next group of refugees they'd try to get into the city, or off to the ruins of the Excalibur.  A crashed starship turned ark...Geoff shook his head.  At least the court martial would be entertaining.  
The remainder of his team halted their mounts alongside his and Geoff looked over his small order of knights.  Captain Greaves had somehow found for himself a green gambeson suitable for a Marine and wore it and the heavy metal armor with apparent ease.  To his right, Ensign Dar was brilliant in crimson, wearing the colors the knights of Calabrum themselves wore.  It suited her, much like the armor.  Doctor Quen, at least to Geoff's eye, did not appear quite as comfortable in her azure regalia, explicitly set aside specifically for those dedicated to healing or the wizardry of science.  Geoff looked down at his own golden tunic and felt an odd pang of sentimentality.  For almost half of his career he'd worn gold as an engineer and somehow it felt good to be wearing it again just now.  Geoff raised a hand to his group and pointed towards the refugees.  
Teller:  That makes...four hundred twenty seven we've helped move so far and that group looks like it could bring us to an even four fifty.  Captain Greaves, Ensign Dar, how're we doing on transport enhancers?  
Greaves/Dar:  Response
Teller:  Good, but let me know before we're down to the last set.  I'd like to keep one in reserve, just in case.  
Greaves/Dar:  Response
Geoff chuckled.  
Teller:  When has plan A ever worked for us, Captain Greaves?  
Greaves:  Response
Teller:  Lt. Quen, how're your medical supplies holding out?  Think you've got enough left if these folks have injured? 
Quen:  Response
Teller:  Alright, use whatever's left.  We might have enough time to make a resupply run back to the city but those drums are getting awfully loud and ::Geoff turned his head and shouted in the general direction of the oncoming klingon hoarde:: extremely annoying!  
The drums were unimpressed.  
Quen/Dar/Greaves:  Response
From behind Geoff heard the galloping of an animal approaching and turned to see the Queen herself, resplendent in shining golden armor, mounted on something that looked like a horse wearing half a tree as a sideways hat.  Geoff would later learn that this animal is called an elk and that he was not, in fact, born to be a poet.  He nodded respectfully as she approached.  
Teller:  Your Highnessness.  We were just about to head to that next group.  How are the preparations going?    
Du Pendragon:  Response
Quen/Dar/Greaves:  Response
Commander Geoffrey Teller
Executive Officer
USS Thor - NCC 82607
Commodore A. Kells, Commanding


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adding part of the sim that i've forgotten to paste
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