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Ensign Isaiah Andrews - Mission Undercover

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When shoreleave turns into a summer action movie...

((Vrixis VI))
Maybe it was due to the fact that he'd just come back from an incredibly dangerous impromptu rescue mission on Qo'nos of all places, but Isaiah was feeling particularly...adventurous. Compared to dodging security beams and fighting angry cultists, whatever happened here on Vrixis VI was going to be trivial. Besides, they *were* supposed to be having fun, weren't they?

Andrews: Well, whaddya think, doc? You in or out? Better decide before one of the resort staff sees us and chases us off of the equipment.
Ayala: I’m not sure if I should reprimand you or compliment you.  
Taisa crossed her arms, shaking her head.  

Iz was already climbing into the driver's seat and looking over the console to get a feel for what was what. He glanced up and over at Dr. Ayala.

Andrews: You can do both on the way. C'mon Doc, the fun train is boarding at the station. Choo-choo.

Ayala: All right, all right, I’m coming.
Isaiah grinned as she hurried over and swung up into the passenger seat, stowing her bag. The we're-gonna-get-in-trouble look that he read on her face and body language only amused him all the more.
He reached down for the ignition, then paused and looked her way, wearing his smirkiest of smirks.

Andrews:  Hey Doc, you wanna take the reins on this horse? Not every day you get to drive a stole-, excuse me, *borrowed* vehicle.

Ayala: Oh no, your idea, you drive.  And you take all the blame.  If we get caught and in trouble, you kidnapped me and that’s the truth.

Andrews: Wow, just gonna throw me under the autotransport like that. I see how it is. ::Shaking his head.:: Some of us just trying to make life interesting for everyone else, and this is the thanks we get. So be it.
As Dr. Ayala buckled her seatbelt (chicken!), Iz turned the ignition and the electric dynos of the rover hummed to life. He pressed the accelerator and the vehicle lurched forward jerkily, sending Iz almost out of his seat, and the straw hat flying off of his head and onto the hood of the rover.

Andrews: Oof! What in the..? Oh… ::He pulled a lever release:: Parking brake. Of course.

After leaning over the dashboard and stretching out to retrieve his hat, Iz decided maybe he'd put his seatbelt on and buckled it once he was seated again. Then shooting his passenger a grin, he hit the accelerator again and they were off trundling down the sandy path, throwing up a wonderful roostertail of silt behind as the three sets of spinning wheels took their purchase on the terrain.

The drive to the dining facility was actually rather nice...ocean breeze, swaying palms, shimmering ocean as a backdrop. A few times, Iz had to put his hand down over the top of his hat to keep it from being stolen by the wind. He looked over to Dr. Ayala, his expression like that of a kid rolling down the hill in a wagon with no helmet.

The dining hall was not far, and it was directly adjacent to another building, which they took to be the storehouse for all of the foods that got prepared for resort guests. Given the size of the facility, it seemed like a good bet that this was actual meat and produce, as opposed to replicated renditions thereof.

Iz leaned on the steering wheel and glanced over at the Doctor.

Andrews: So, if I give you a shopping list, how about you just saunter on in and load up a cart, bring it back out here. I'll keep the motor running.

Ayala: Oh no, this is your idea.  You do all the talking.  I’m here against my will, remember?

At her response, he snapped his fingers in an "Aww shucks" motion.
Andrews: Can't blame a man for trying. All right, let's try a different approach than the most direct one.
Isaiah started the rover again, and they started driving around the perimeter of the facility.
Ayala: ?
Andrews: What, don't you trust me?
Ayala: ?
Andrews: Fair enough! I just wanna do a little reconnaissance here, see if we can see a path of least resistance to slip in and out with the goods.
Iz parked the rover behind a dune and killed the power. Undoing his seatbelt, he slipped out of the seat and jumped down to the ground, removing his hat and placing it on the seat. He gestured for Ayala to follow him and started moving closer to the storage facility. There was a convenient palm grove near the side entrance, and he pointed to it as a good cover point. Once at the palms, he crouched down and peered out.
Ayala: ?
Andrews: ::Whispering and pointing:: Look there. I just saw an employee go in that door, and they were wearing regular clothes. But I saw one come *out* wearing the resort uniform.
Ayala: ?
Andrews: Yep! We're gonna get disguises! Isn't this fun? I think you ought to hum some spy music. Do you know any spy music?
Ayala: ?
Andrews: You know, something like *dunt-duh-dunt-duh-dunt-dunt..*
Ayala: ?
Andrews: Of course I'm serious. ::Grinning:: Okay, don't worry about the music. Just follow my lead!

Iz waited until there was a break in any in or out traffic, and there were no individuals in sight. Then he stepped  out from behind the palm grove and walked, casually, towards the door. He was banking on the fact that this was an isolated resort with very little need for security. If he was picked up on cameras, so be it. But why would they need to worry about guests wandering into the employee dressing rooms?

He got to the door to the storehouse and tried it. It slid right open and he grinned broadly, gesturing for Ayala to follow as he slipped inside.

Ayala: ?
Ensign Isaiah Andrews
Security Officer
StarBase 118 Ops
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