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Five new awards for the 2021 Ceremony

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One of the unique things about Starbase 118 is the awards ceremony held every year in June.  This allows everyone the chance to nominate other members for special recognition for various contributions to our community. This year, the Captain’s Council is excited to announce that five new awards have been introduced for our 2021 ceremony:


Vega Award

Vega Award

A general award, awarded to those who bring the worlds of their crews to life with art, videos, and all kinds of artistic endeavours.


O'Brien Award



O’Brien Award

A general award, named for one of Trek’s most stalwart and dedicated supporting officers, we give this award to members who hold the rank of Lieutenant or Lt. Commander and support the ship’s command staff by mentoring the crew, facilitating missions, maintaining the wiki and other tasks essential to the smooth running of our sims. These officers form the backbone of their ships and stations, helping to make simming fun for everyone aboard.


Northern Star Award

Northern Star Award

A special award, given to members holding the rank of Lieutenant or Lt. Commander who show constant commitment to the fleet as members of task forces and through our other fleet endeavors. These officers are vital to the success of our fleet, showing their support and enthusiasm for their crews and our community through their tireless efforts.


Jake Sisko Prize

Jake Sisko Prize

A special award, for members of the Federation News Service Team who regularly go above and beyond in their contributions and participation. These team members show dedication and creativity in editing and writing news reports, helping to maintain our IC news service, build the 118 universe, and provide inspiration for our members.


Okuda Award

Okuda Award

A special award, for members of the Image Collective who regularly go above and beyond in their contributions to this team’s efforts, creating images and graphics for the fleet. These team members display their artistry and dedication with a visual feast for members new and old, bringing our creations to life and stoking imaginations.


For more information about awards, head over to the Awards page on the wiki.

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